The Employment Agency and the Orange Foundation sign an agreement to promote job placement in the telecommunications sector

The Employment Agency and the Orange Foundation sign an agreement to promote job placement in the telecommunications sector

The delegate of the Economy, Innovation and Employment Area of ​​the City of Madrid, and president of the Employment Agency, Miguel ngel Redondo and Daniel Morales Gutirrez, director of the Orange Foundation have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of to promote the professional integration of the unemployed in the telecommunications sector.

Thus, with the entry into force of this agreement, joint actions will be implemented in order to collaborate in the field of labor intermediation and training for employment, taking advantage of the infrastructure and the material and human resources available to them. the two entities. In this sense, the Employment Agency and the Orange Foundation will collaborate in the design of training routes in the telecommunications sector linked to the installation of optical fiber in homes in Madrid.

This public-private collaboration alliance aims to improve training opportunities for all people attached to the Employment Agency in one of the economic activities that have experienced positive behavior during the COVID-19 crisis, that of telecommunications infrastructure. , whose maintenance is currently considered an essential service. Likewise, the ICT sector, which includes IT and telecommunications activities, contributes 3.1% of GDP to the Spanish economy and is one of the activities offering the best employment prospects.

This agreement, valid until December 31, 2021, thus incorporates added value into the training programs of the Employment Agency, by adding the Orange Foundation as a collaborating partner, an entity that promotes application activities, training, dissemination, study and research related to the fields of telecommunications, audio-visual, people with disabilities and illiteracy.

Redondo underlined “the importance of this agreement with Orange, which allows the transformation of certain businesses”. The Madrid Employment Agency, “which has been 100% digitized to deal with the crisis caused by Covid-19”, now offers improved employability for the unemployed looking to take advantage of opportunities in the telecommunications sector ”.

From Fundacin Orange, Daniel Morales Gutierrez, stressed the importance of this agreement, which will represent an important step forward in the integration into the labor market of unemployed people from innovative sectors, such as the telecommunications sector, due to the demand existing professionals. specialized.

Among the initiatives for the promotion of employment, there is the training program for “ Home fiber optic installer ” which provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary in the assembly of fiber optic installations at home. , also called FTTH infrastructures or networks.

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