“The enemy is the Jew!”


Updated: Tuesday, February 16, 2021 12:05 PM

Published on: 02/16/2021 12:01 PM

The Madrid public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into a possible hate crime in the act of tribute to the capital’s blue division where one of the participants declared that “the enemy is the Jew. The Jew is guilty” .

According to legal sources from LaSexta, the investigation will be carried out by the hate crimes section of the Madrid prosecutor’s office.

In the decree opening the procedure, in addition to the appointment of a prosecutor to investigate the case, the Cyberodio section of the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Madrid announces that the tests “conducive to the determination, clarification and specification of acts alleged criminals “will be carried out.

Likewise, he requested information from the Government Delegation: the authorization of the said concentration, as well as police information on the slogans, banners, slogans, emblems displayed “and any other action that could constitute a crime”.

According to the Government Delegation in Madrid, this act has been in force for many years and has never been banned, because the request was processed correctly. However, after seeing and hearing what happened, the national police were asked to open an investigation.

The Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain (FCJE) yesterday called on the hate crimes prosecutor’s office to investigate the “serious accusations” and insults launched last Saturday.

For its part, the government of the Community of Madrid had already asked the Madrid public prosecutor’s office to investigate this demonstration to clarify whether there was an attack against the Jewish community, which would constitute a hate crime.

In a press release, the Madrid councilor for justice, the interior and the victims, Enrique L√≥pez, had expressed on behalf of the government of the Community of Madrid his “maximum condemnation of the facts”.

Several dozen people marched this Saturday from Ascao metro to La Almudena cemetery to the Blue Division on the occasion of the 78th anniversary of Krasny Bor, a WWII battle that took place during the siege of Leningrad and in which they participated Spanish volunteers under Hitler.

Although the march and ensuing rally went off without incident, several spokespersons intervened, including a young woman who, from the lectern, said: “It is our supreme duty to fight for a Spain and for a Europe now weak and liquidated by the enemy, which is always the same with different masks: the Jew, because nothing is more certain than this assertion. Wearing a blue shirt, she continued: “The Jew is the culprit “and the Blue Division” fought for it “to rid Europe of” communism, which is a Jewish invention intended to confront the workers “.

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