The ERC, Junts and CUP dolls seem to hang on Catalan bridges: “We want independence”

Publication: Monday, April 19, 2021 5:47 PM

The Mossos d’Esquadra removed a series of hanging dolls as if they were hung on bridges on the C-17 or C-25 roads. They included a different badge: one linked to ERC, another to Junts per Catalunya and another to CUP. A banner with a threatening message also appeared on these dolls: “52%. We want independence. First opinion.”

The action was not claimed by any group, but it was reported that in the last autonomous elections, the pro-independence forces obtained more than half of the votes. Therefore, they demand that the parties keep their promises.

This event is reminiscent of another that happened in 2017, when several dolls appeared hanging upside down in the towns of Vic and Tona, but this time with the distinctive PP, PSC or Ciudadanos. We must not forget that that year, the conflict for independence knows moments of maximum tension, since that same year the referendum on independence took place which ended with politicians escaped and imprisoned.

Ramón Espalder, secretary general of the Avançar party units, deplored the event and declared that “in a democracy, there is no room for threats”. Additionally, he recalled what happened to Vic and Tona, showing his “most radical rejection”.

He also wanted to condemn what had happened Raúl Moreno, deputy and deputy spokesperson for the PSC in the Parliament of Catalonia. On his personal Twitter he asserted that there were “threats that go beyond protest” and lamented the tension generated: “How much harm we have been able to create in Catalonia. We must change.”

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