The ERTE will continue beyond May 31 with a “formula similar to the current one”

The ERTEs will remain in force from May 31. This was announced by the Third Vice President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy. Yolanda Díaz explained that the files of regulation of temporary work will continue “according to a formula similar to the current formula”.

At the end of the VII Prix Cepyme, the Minister of Labor specified that “soon” negotiations will be opened within the tripartite commission. “The employees of SMEs have been the main beneficiaries of the ERTE, a mechanism which has proved its usefulness and which must continue to exercise its protection,” he added.

The minister underlined that one of the great achievements of the ERTE was that small and medium-sized enterprises and the self-employed were able to take advantage, for the first time, “of this system of protection of employment and enterprises, democratizing a a mechanism which, even now, was reserved for large companies. ”

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