The Eulen group and its firm commitment to women victims of gender violence

The EULEN Group, as one of the most important employer companies in our country and with a strong commitment to social and professional concerns, has employed more than 474 women victims of gender violence since 2001 (62 va de 2020)

BY RRHH Digital, 4:15 p.m. – November 25, 2020

In these times, having a job becomes even more important than ever. For women victims of gender-based violence, a job is a key part of their full recovery. It means opening a door to economic independence that allows them to come out of the situation of violence and start a new life. A job increases self-confidence, helps improve their self-esteem, empowers them, allows them to see themselves from another place.

Proof of the importance that the company attaches to the empowerment of women through work, the EULEN group has developed a campaign with its various stakeholders under the slogan “Work to change a life story”.

Likewise, and aware of the issues that a day like this makes visible, the company is part of the Companies network for a society without gender violence and has been collaborating for more than 20 years with entities such as the Ministry of Health. , Social Services and Equality, the Integra Foundation, the Red Cross, the Program Incorpora de l’Obra Social de La Caixa, the Foundation of the Secretariat of Gypsies or Lloc de la Dona, among others.

Likewise, the company does not forget the other groups at risk of social exclusion, with which it achieved the inclusion of 2,238 people in 2020.

In addition, the company has set up a traveling support service for women that allows them to be very present in the small municipalities of the geography, with a large dispersion throughout Spain and to reach where specialized care resources often cannot (protection, prevention, and gender training), because they are more vulnerable and they are more exposed to gender-based violence, up to 4 times higher than that recorded in urban centers.

All of these actions are yet another example of the ongoing engagement that the EULEN group has with women victims of gender violence and other disadvantaged groups.

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