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Game news Horizon 2: The exclusive PS5, PS4 takes your breath away with 14 minutes of play time Published on May 27th, 2021 at 11:28 PM After waiting for hours in front of wonderful panoramas, the long-awaited State of Play is here! And as promised, we are entitled to 14 long minutes of play for Horizon: Forbidden West, the next major Sony exclusive program planned for PlayStation 4, but also for PlayStation 5. Of course, that’s not all. This State of Play also took the opportunity to deliver some small surprises.

Aloy, more agile than ever and a much larger bestiary

As you can see if you check out the Horizon: Forbidden West gameplay sequence available above on PlayStation 5, Aloy, the long-haired, flamboyant heroine, has gained significantly in flexibility since her first outing. The latter can now move around more easily with its grappling hook or hover in the air with a strange shield, two objects that help us to escape the many hostile beasts that populate this world. Yes, in addition to the peaceful flesh and blood animals, the game’s robot bestiary has evolved with this second work. Aloy will therefore be able to encounter creatures ridden by ruthless bandits, as well as larger robotic dinosaurs, including sea monsters, that will make short work of you. Fortunately, in Horizon: Forbidden West, the player will be able to defend themselves or else To lay the traps with an even wider arsenal than before. In addition to her bow with electric arrows or explosive arrows, the young woman is therefore also equipped with a glue thrower, for example to slow down the enemy. Our heroine has also improved in hand-to-hand combat, which already promises a much more dynamic exchange with human opponents.

Environments to die for

As previously announced, Horizon: Forbidden West offers players a short tour of the west coast of the United States to cross three states on foot or on the back of a robotic mount: California, Utah and Nevada. It will therefore be an opportunity for the players to discover many breathtaking environments. Unfortunately, these were not presented to us in detail, but several panoramas were revealed nonetheless. Just like in the first episode, we are therefore entitled to a variety of different biomes, ranging from the lush jungle, through the arid desert, through snow-covered areas, or even through the relaxing and colorful coastline. From this area it will be possible to freely explore magnificent aquatic environments full of danger. Yes, in this second work, adventurous gamers can afford some scares by venturing into the ocean floor.

A release date for the Sony juggernaut?

How long will we have to wait to get our hands on Guerrilla Games’ future great creation? Unfortunately, the studio has not missed any information on this page. We will therefore have to make do with a wave “second half of 2021” again. As a reminder, Horizon: Forbidden West will be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. By JeromeJoffard, Editorial MPTwitter

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