the face to face of Abascal and Sánchez, in ten sentences

Publication: Wednesday October 21, 2020 1:59 PM

Immigration, 8M, feminism or the monarchy occupied a good part of Vox’s speeches. First Ignacio Garriga then Santiago Abascal. Here are some of the phrases that were left on the platform and addressed to the coalition government:

– “Not only are they the most wasteful, but they brought a marriage to the Council of Ministers, the president and the vice-president are husband and wife.”

– “We knew that with you there would be less freedom, less coexistence and totalitarian and sectarian ideology. Less law and order, more coup d’etat and political violence. Less work and more of subsidies for the mafia. “

– “Nationality must be withdrawn from those who obtained it and use this privilege to attack the rule of law, monarchy and national symbols. This must be done regardless of the number of deputies in this Assembly.”

– “If the renegades succeeded in breaking up Spain, which will not happen, they could only create the Catalan Islamic Republic.”

– “They call everything that has been produced under their banners of anti-fascism hatred. They dedicate themselves to copying the chaos manuals that other genocidal women wrote in another era. But you are much less intelligent than Lenin.”

– “Sánchez’s collaboration with human traffickers has caused a ripple effect. They promote the invasion of our coasts and look out for the interests of the privileged. The powerful never suffer the effects of this invasion. The menas do not ‘attack neither steal nor rape “.

– “They have made men guilty for their gender. They have confronted women with women with their infuriating feminism. They continue any gesture directed at a woman.”

– “That an illegal immigrant terrorizes our mother, steals our women or attacks our son in the park? Things for children, according to the government. That the installation of a mineralized center triggers 500% of crime?” of child “.

– “They shouted long live the 8M which amounts to shouting long live the Chinese virus. How many people were sentenced to death that day? We will always remember that their Mm resulted in the death of thousands of Spaniards.”

– “They are determined to end the Crown. But we will not allow it, we will not let a handful of traitors tarnish our impeccable image of our monarch. That would be enough to support this motion of censure. The problem is that they live behind the backs of the citizens. While you are hated by the citizens, they applaud Felipe VI. Long live Felipe VI, long live the King of Spain! ”

Sánchez’s responses

In his speech, Pedro Sánchez spoke about gender-based violence, the Constitution, immigration and already Le de Memoria Democrática.

– “You hate Spain as it is. A patriot has no more than half the compatriots like you. A patriot cannot hate his compatriots. What you do is love dark Spain. of Torquemada “.

– “The minimum living income. They discredited it and described it as a payment. I understand that for you a few hundred euros a month is not much compared to the generous allowance you received with the bars range that you received from the PP “.

– “About what is the worst government of the last 80 years, the date is not chosen at random. For the candidate, the current government is much worse than any of the last 80 years, worse than the one that s ‘is bowed to Hitler, the one who executed thousands of Spaniards, worse than the one who gave a coup to a legitimate government, worse than that government. “

– “According to him, we are facing the greatest degradation of institutional life. Men are no longer men because they are subject to women, barbarians are invading us, the nation is on the verge of dismembering and for top it off, a Chinese virus. “

– “If this motion does not intend to place a different alternative to that of the government, what are we doing here?” Some say it is a hostile takeover against the People’s Party and occupy the space of the right.

– “You are not constitutional experts, you take advantage of and appropriate the Constitution at your convenience, which is quite different.”

– “Mr. candidate, neither grateful, nor patriotic, nor constitutionalist, and Christian must be seen. You believe in freedom, but you must see in what freedom.”

– “I have bad news to tell you. The road that Spain took 40 years ago has no return. This Spain which wants to advance more and more in its freedoms and you cannot stop it. The bad news is that you are late. There are very few supports in your project “.

– “We are defending a country in which you have no place. In the country model proposed by Vox, 50% of Spaniards do not fit.”

– “They are not supporters of the law of democratic memory, first opinion, or of the fight against gender violence, second opinion, or of the state of autonomies, third opinion, or of immigration, fourth opinion. “

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