“The fact that you have just been charged does not exempt you from anything”

Posted: Wednesday Jun 02 2021 12:34 PM

Ignacio López del Hierro, husband of María Dolores de Cospedal, was telling the Congress of Deputies commission of inquiry into the kitchen affair when news broke: he and the former general secretary of the Popular Party were indicted corruption offenses, embezzlement and influence peddling in connection with the play.

An accusation which, due to the presence of the moment, was part of the questions of the spokesman of Esquerra Republicana, Gabriel Rufián, who starred in a tough fight with López del Hierro: “Realize that you have just been indicted in a case which investigates terrible cases of corruption, as terrible as those that a party uses public money ”, launched.

In view of this, del Hierro remained in his position of not responding, repeatedly denying, and remaining silent. Rufián, for his part, continued: “The fact that you have just been charged does not exempt you from anything, I don’t have to be gentler on you, on the contrary.”

In this sense, the spokesperson for the ERC criticized the fact that the appearing party continued without saying a word, recalling that he had already raised the accusation at the beginning of his intervention. A fact that Rufián also doubted: “I do not believe myself, he knows that it is false, that he has just discovered [de la imputación]. You already knew it “, he blurted out.

Along with this, seeking an answer from del Hierro, the representative repeatedly asked the investigator whether or not he was a patriotic person, with whom del Hierro wanted to settle: “I will not you answer on principle. I am referring to my statement, and I am still here. I am still here, “he concluded.

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