“The far right cannot be whitewashed”

Publication: Friday April 23, 2021 1:50 PM

The two leaders agree on their position. Íñigo Errejón and Pablo Iglesias announce that it is foolish to participate in more debates in the face of the regional elections on May 4 in Madrid. Así, después de que el candidato de Unidas Podemos haya abandonado el debate de la SER en el que Vox insisted on questioning the veracidad de las amenazas de muerte a Iglesias, la formación morada y Más Madrid no acudirán a más debates con la formación de extrema right.

“Democrats cannot whitewash the far right.” This is how resounding Iglesias shows himself, saying: “The debates with the far right are over. Democrats cannot legitimize the far right. You cannot consent.” “The far right has been normalized and cleared. I have filed a complaint and I hope there will be a judicial response, but there must also be a response from the public,” he adds.

Candidate Podemos believes that it would be “a tragedy” if there was a government in the Community of Madrid of PP and Vox after the 4M elections and explains why he left the debate. “If they put a bomb on me and my foot jumps, they’ll say I took advantage of it.” The only thing I said to the far-right candidate is to step aside and that if she does not step down, we are going to leave. I think someone had to do that, the whitewashing of the far right is unfortunate “

“They don’t call me ‘red shit’, they call me ‘chepudo’ or ‘disgusting rat.’ This is a carbon copy of what the Nazis did in the 1930s. It is unacceptable in democratic terms . They openly say that the dictatorship than the coalition government. You cannot argue with those who are against democracy. “

In the same vein, Más País leader Íñigo Errejón indicated through his official Twitter profile that “there are no conditions for debating like this. More shows given to the far right . This is the last. The ballot boxes.

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