The Federation of the Audiovisual and Events Industry (FIAVE) is part of ATA

FIAVE, the Federation of the Audiovisual and Events Industry, is part of ATA, the National Federation of Independent Workers. It has more than 1,500 freelancers, mostly companies, represents the entire industry and audiovisual production in Spain and is made up of different independent professional associations of the sector such as: the Andalusian Association of production companies of ‘events (AEPEA), the Association of Manufacturers and Importers of the Sound, Lighting and Audiovisual Technology Sectors (AFIAL), the National Association of the Technical Event Industry and culture (ANITEC), the Association of Audiovisual Professionals of Catalonia (APAC), Association of Audiovisual Rental Professionals for Events (APROAV), the Union of Event Production Companies of the Region of Murcia (UEPEMUR ) and the Association of Audiovisual Services Companies of Valencia (AESAV), among others.

The entertainment industry brings together companies and professionals responsible for implementing cultural activities, festivals, concerts and tours, congresses, fairs, orchestras, theaters, etc. and brings together hardware suppliers and manufacturers, equipment distributors, technicians, tenants, logistics, engineering, lighting consultants, sound and lighting technicians, riggers and developers. events, among others. This is a group that has been strongly affected by this pandemic because they have not been able to work for a year and have invoiced 90% less than in 2019. This industrial sector is closely linked to both the cultural sector and the tourism and hospitality.

“Obviously, it has been one of the sectors most affected by the economic crisis derived from the pandemic since any activity related to it involves a gathering of people and is the first thing that is limited by the health authorities”, said Lorenzo Amor, president of the ATA. . “We are not calling into question the health measures, we are questioning the abandonment of professionals in the sector and the lack of direct aid which does not take into account the great economic loss of these professionals on whom many others depend. Cultivation is safe if it is done well and with a little help, the professionals who organize the events will be able to progress, ”added Amor.

For Francisco Bustamante, president of FIAVE, “this agreement represents an important step in the defense of thousands of independents belonging to these sectors and without activity for almost a year. Integration into ATA aims to unite efforts and resources to influence the policies or dynamics that regulate the sector both at national and European level, as well as to give it greater visibility ”.

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