the fines saturate the administrations

Posted: Wednesday, November 18, 2020 5:10 PM

While bars are closed in Spain, curfews are imposed and the number of infections does not give authorities or citizens a respite … Small groups of people still run the risk of having large meetings without any type of sanitary measure to prevent the spread of the virus. Fines are congested in administrations, which are starting to saturate due to processing.

Not wearing a mask, not respecting distances, skipping curfews, skipping perimeter closures … These are some of the causes that motivate the sanctions.

This is the case with Granada, one of the provinces with the worst figures in Spain, where hundreds of people have bypassed health restrictions. Sanctions are about to reach the homes of all those who have been fined by local police. Over 200 complaints for various reasons in three days, according to Europa Press.

Most of the fines relate to not wearing a mask, 80; for alcohol consumption on public roads, 67; for noise in the upper floors due to parties, 45; and institutions, 11. Not including drug possession and other offenses.

Another bloody example is that of one of the main schools in Valencia, the Galileo Galilei, where a maskless Ibiza party left more than 25,000 students without lessons. The party took place at the end of September, when the weather was still fine and the university students had just started the course, but the Generalitat is continuing the investigations and, so far, 214 people have been identified. At the moment, according to the Generalitat, there is evidence to sanction 50. But the investigation is continuing and the notifications could arrive during the next year.

In Seseña, an illegal Halloween party ended with 60 denunciations, both for breaking the restrictions and for organizing the event. According to the Community Council of Castilla-La Mancha, the volume of complaints for non-compliance is so high that they will be dealt with in the coming days.

A rave in El Catllar (Tarragona) broke out by the Mossos, but there were only two complaints: one to the organizer and another to a narcotics person who entered prison.

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