The first portal for connecting job seekers and personnel selection directors is launched

The first portal for connecting job seekers and personnel selection directors is launched

Planetajob is a latest generation portal that combines profiles between job seekers and companies offering work, depending on the position sought by the companies, with the difference that, if the profile does not suit the position, the expert in selection does not waste time filtering CVs because they disappear from the panel of headhunters or the selection team.

Today more than ever, the overabundance of job portals, social networks and a myriad of applications allows the various players in the employment scene, whether they are entrepreneurs or human resources managers, to search, publish and in a certain way find different types of profiles.

In this type of job, most candidates sign up to find a job opportunity. This means, on the one hand, that the candidate who is looking for work, constantly registering on various portals and job offers, most of them without reading them and from the same company or selection agency, finds himself registered with offers from the same employer, burning your profile, your personal brand and minimizing the opportunities to find a job.

Looking for a job requires taking great care of your profile and knowing where and how to use your CV to have more employment opportunities. Tailoring resumes to each job is also not valid, as companies hire staff by posting on various platforms, hiring recruiting agencies and, if you sign up with them all believing you have more options. , this is the easiest way to lose employability opportunities. .

Program review is tedious work. Planetajob uses keywords from the published offer, minimum experience required, testimonials of veracity, or whatever the job calls for, and eliminates profiles, thus saving over 70% of time in the selection and making it more agile and faster in research and recruitment. The app shows the minimum skill% required and eliminates the rest of the applicants.

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