The five best jobs for telecommuting from home

Things are changing faster every day. Between technology, internet and social media, the world of tomorrow will be very different from the past. And nothing shows the magnitude of these changes as much as the way we work.

Today there are already many jobs that we can comfortably do from home. From distance translators to online education, there are many ways to make a living without leaving home.

Here are five work options that you can do perfectly from home.

1. Translation

Translation has always been a profession practiced mainly at home. Some positions require a professional degree, but you can also get a lot of piecework online. Of course, being a translator requires knowing at least two languages.

Many translators start working on an occasional basis, on general translations. Over time, or specialized courses, they find more particular branches, such as scientific, medical, technical, academic, legal translations, among others.

2. Online teacher

Many professionals choose to try online education as a way to supplement their income, or even as a full-time job. Today there are many online platforms to connect tutors and students, making the process easier.

To be an online teacher, you must have training and experience in the academic areas you intend to teach. In addition, it is useful to have an educational component. You can hone your teaching skills through an online pedagogy course.

3. Community manager

A community manager, or CM, is an employee in charge of running the social networks of one or more companies. The role includes generating content for networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, responding to messages and interacting with the public.

To be CM, you have to have a good sense of humor, and know how to manage yourself in networks. Likewise, it’s a good idea to have a portfolio of social media accounts that serve as a showcase for our professional capabilities.

4. Data entry

Entering data is one of the simplest and most mechanical tasks on the market. However, it’s not exactly easy: it takes precision, responsibility, and attention to detail. The job involves transcribing analog recordings onto digital media.

You can work as an audio, video, paper document transcriptionist, data entry technician, medical or financial data entry and other specializations. It is essential to be able to type on a computer at high speed and without making mistakes.

5. Call center representative

Modern call centers aren’t sheds full of cubicles with thousands of employees on the phone. Instead, they’re made up of thousands of people in their homes, around the world, with headsets and microphones, sitting in front of their PCs.

Being a representative of a call center requires people skills. You have to be able to deal with all kinds of people, often in stressful situations. However, helping others solve their day-to-day problems can be very rewarding.

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