The five human resources trends that will prevail in 2021

The coronavirus crisis has accelerated to the maximum the “digital revolution” which was to unfold gradually over the next five years. The unexpected eruption of information technology in all aspects of life has changed the paradigm of business management. Human resources departments are no exception, and new trends are emerging in the sector that are maintained and promise to take hold in 2021.

HR news for 2021

According to Factorial, a software and services company specializing in solving human resource issues in SMEs, trends in human capital management emerged as a result of lockdown, where the vast majority of countries had to reflect. to creative solutions to maintain organizations. , processes and workers afloat. Subsequently, the hyperconnectivity that already exists was added to other working modalities associated with very specific sectors of the economy. Video calls, cloud services, or teleconferencing have consolidated telecommuting. And this is where many of the factors coexist that will completely define HR trends this year and those to come.

Cloud workspaces

Today, the vast majority of companies have migrated their processes to the cloud and the human resources industry is no exception. And it is that, remote talent management, such as time control, absences on vacation, or loading and signing documentation at 100% legal value, everything can be delegated to an HR platform based on the cloud.

Remote leadership

The safety distance between workers which is the new reality is a fact. Whether or not new lockdowns occur, the truth is that personal distances will be maintained for longer or shorter for a long time. Therefore, the new challenge and novelties in human resources show that remote team management methods will be applied, and with these policies designed to develop strong personal management roles through virtual platforms.

The coming months will be the basis for the restructuring of leadership models that force them to give up personalities and reward those who give space for growth, confidence and creativity to their workers. Future-present leaders must have a skill set in this regard, in addition to a strong footprint towards the convergence of advanced virtual tools.

Strong emphasis on employee experience

One of the expected innovations in HR is the consolidation of professional experience as a tangential axis of any organization. Happy employees are not only synonymous with healthy people, but also more productive, loyal to the company, committed to long-term global goals and willing to stay for extended periods.

100% digital integration

Artificial intelligence, specially dedicated to the classification of data, is a trend already experienced in SMEs. And the point is, the implementation of Artificial Intelligence applied to human resources has enormous potential for increasing productivity, helping talent management professionals to acquire people, through the ability to analyze, predict and diagnose behaviors.

In the case of companies belonging to industries, virtual reality will gain a special place in 2021. More specifically, the use of augmented reality in induction processes involving training in the implementation of specific processes. Likewise, are used to assess the role of employees in selection processes that require the demonstration of their professional training and experience.

Bet on Big Data

Another novelty in HR is the use of this technology to optimize the performance of human management. The use of Big Data will have greater benefits in medium and large enterprises, in particular highlighting factors such as:

Decrease the turnover rate

To prevent workers from deciding to leave the company, it is necessary to know their motivations for staying. And that’s it, the “exit interview” can be useful to close the work relationship and to investigate the reasons which push the worker to end his career with the company.

Streamline the recruiting process

Big Data provides the ability to implement programs and processes based on data collected from periodic employee satisfaction surveys, which helps pinpoint trends and behaviors that provide valuable insight.

The news and trends in human resources are manifold and the future possibilities that digital technologies 4.0 and virtuality promise, seem to have no limit in their use. And it is that, contrary to what was feared in the past, technology has become one of the great pillars to humanize processes and manage talent.

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