The five language jobs most in demand by businesses in September

With the consolidation of vaccination in Spain and the objective of having more than 80% of the population vaccinated before September, the 2021-2022 fiscal year presents itself with high hopes in social matters.

According to data from the training consultancy for companies Hexagone, 87% of professionals expect the new commercial year that begins after the summer vacation to be better worked and professionally than the two previous crisis pandemics.

For their part, the HR departments are actively working on the development of training plans allowing them to motivate employees after more than 1 year of crisis, ERTEs and a drop in productivity caused by the economic and social crisis caused by the pandemic. .

According to data from Hexagone, from September, there will be a rebound effect in hiring for certain key positions in companies related to the sectors of marketing, business development, management, customer service and internationalization. .

These job offers will be associated with high language requirements. The pandemic has triggered the hiring of professionals with high language skills. 69% of new jobs in the last 6 months have a language requirement associated with them.

Galle Schaefer, Director of Hexagone explains: “We have observed in recent months how companies have increased their needs in language training for their employees. For the next business course which will start in September, these requirements will continue to increase and we hope that within the business has also experienced a significant increase. “

If a change has caused the pandemic in training, this is precisely the format in which the courses are delivered. At the beginning, all face-to-face courses were transformed into an online format, the virtual classroom being the solution most accepted by all since it allows to maintain contact with the teacher. However, September will once again be the date for the return to face-to-face classes, which are the preferred format for workers.

Articles with the most popular languages ​​in September

Hexagone analyzed the most requested positions with languages ​​planned for next September. Summer is usually one of the times chosen by workers to boost their language skills in order to apply for new vacancies or better jobs.

Regarding the languages ​​most requested by Spanish companies, English stands out above all other languages. French, Portuguese, German and Chinese follow in importance.

Regarding jobs, France, the following 5 sectors and jobs stand out as those with the highest probability of growth to find or improve employment from September:

E-commerce: these are positions aimed at improving online strategy, business development and opening new sales channels. For this, language plays a fundamental role since most of the new markets are outside borders. Digital marketing: this profession traditionally linked to languages ​​stands out from the consulting firm. Not only with regard to the performance of the same, but it is a profession in which the tools, the own language and the relationship with customers and suppliers require a high level of English. Business Development: Without a doubt, the pandemic has uncovered new challenges and opportunities for any type of business. From management positions to intermediate positions, they are faced with the need to communicate in other languages ​​for the future of the company, which is why each time in Spain, the level of demand for languages ​​is higher. Technology: Spain has in recent years become a world power in terms of locating new technology companies. These companies now generate more than 30% of new jobs and in turn require a high level of languages, especially English, because although they are located in our country, their customers and suppliers are mainly located in foreign countries. . Customer Service: Whether in tourism, hospitality, gastronomy or customer service in any business, these types of professional positions require a high level of language proficiency.

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