The five skills most in demand by businesses during a pandemic

Having the languages, experience, training and adaptability are some of the qualities most requested by companies during a job interview

BY RRHHDigital, 11:00 a.m. – February 19, 2021

The current context of the pandemic has led to major movements in the work ecosystem. After a difficult period of ERTE, downsizing and downsizing, companies also need new profiles to adapt to the new normal, which translates into new job opportunities and vacancies, although very few.

Job interviews and the skills required of the interviewee haven’t changed drastically since before the coronavirus pandemic, but I know some requirements are becoming more important now than before. In the hands of teachers at the Berlitz language school, the five qualities most requested by companies during an interview are explained. First of all, the professors noted that “the requirements of a new hire are subject to multiple parameters depending on the position for which one is chosen, which is why it is difficult to establish generic qualities. Having said that, if we try to set common minimum requirements and weigh the qualities most common to different positions, these would be the most valued ”.

Team work. Not only get along well with colleagues, but also know how to give feedback, know how to delegate … In short, being able to have good communication with colleagues so that the pace of work flows is vital for the proper functioning of any project. . Adaptability. What companies used to call problem or conflict resolution, they probably now call adaptability. In a context as unstable and changing as the current one, we must show that we are able not only to overcome obstacles, but also to work smoothly after each change. Training. While it is true that today having a university degree is no longer essential to get a job if you can demonstrate all your skills during the interview, companies continue to rely heavily on training. Whether it is a university degree, vocational training or non-certified courses, everything adds up in a course and shows the initiative and the predisposition of the candidate. Live. There are many vacancies that require more years of experience than the candidate could have for their age, but this is the case: experience in a similar position is one of the most important points. appreciated by the course, even more than the training. Knowledge of languages. “In many cases, language skills are what tilts the scales when making a decision when a company ends up with two profiles that match the position for which it is looking for an employee,” explain the Berlitz professors. This is confirmed by Adecco’s Infoempleo 2019 report, which reveals that in 2018, 34% of offers met this requirement, totaling two points more than the previous year.

In Berlitz, explain the professors, “the segment of those who study a language for professional reasons has continued to grow and even more so with the pandemic, because access to the labor market has been considerably complicated”. However, the importance of this requirement varies by industry. “The tourism and hospitality sector are prime candidates for a second language, but also for engineering and telecommunications,” explains de Berlitz. As for knowing how to demonstrate the level of languages ​​in an interview, “for that there is no magic wand”, affirm the teachers, “you have or you do not have the knowledge of the language. What is recommended is that if you have not been practicing the language for a long time, you sign up for an intensive refresher course and supplement it with related activities, like watching movies in their original version or practicing with it. friends if possible ”.

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