the foundation investigating the Swiss prosecutor has come to raise 14 million euros

Posted: Sunday, November 8, 2020 3:34 PM

King Emeritus, Juan Carlos I, and his children, Felipe VI, Cristina and Elena de Borbón, ceased to be beneficiaries of funds from the Zagatka Foundation, a company currently under investigation by the Swiss prosecutor. Yves Bertossa, according to the newspaper. ‘The country’. The same media indicates that the Zagatka Foundation, created in Liechtenstein, has succeeded in raising 14 million euros in a Swiss bank.

In addition, in charge of the funds of this foundation, property of Álvaro de Orleans, a distant cousin of Juan Carlos I, the thefts of the former head of state and Corinna Larsen were paid for 11 years, a cost that would exceed three million euros. . According to the owner of the foundation in March 2020, the foundation cherished around ten million euros.

This information came to the public a day after laSexta exclusively announced that Juan Carlos I had nearly ten million euros stashed in an active account on the island of Jersey, a new royal scandal that arose after the prevention of Money Laundering which has recently surged and for which it is suspected that the monarch attempted to move money.

This Friday, judicial sources confirmed to LaSexta that Sepblac was aware of the existence of this account and the money it contains. For this reason, the prosecution decided to open a third avenue of investigation to Juan Carlos I for allegations of tax crimes and money laundering, an investigation which added to the lines already opened by the alleged commissions of the AVE to Mecca and to that of payments. of Mexican businessman Allen Sanginés-Krause.

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