The four skills of the digital professional

A technological world requires qualified citizens in digital environments. People who know the technology, who not only know how to use it but who are also aware of the risks it can entail and who know how to protect themselves from it, citizens who use this technique safely and frankly. For this, there are various trainings intended for both employers and workers, which offer the necessary knowledge

New technology has changed the way we start businesses and communicate.

What are digital skills

According to the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, cybernetic competence is one that involves the creative, critical and safe use of information and communication technologies to achieve goals related to work, employability, learning, use of free time. , inclusion and participation in society.

Benefits of digital skills

There is a lot of talk about skills or digital skills, but what do they really contribute to a business? Well, it is important to adapt to new trends or new opportunities offered by the technological age. Here are some of the benefits of digitalization:

Improve your business image and online reputation. Access to real-time, first-hand information about the business. Interactivity, contact and better communication with the customer. It allows the customer to obtain information from the comfort of his home. Optimization of processes and, consequently, reduction of expenses. Possibility of new forms of commerce. Remote work, possibility to work remotely and therefore to better manage time.

Digital skills needed

It is necessary to approach different knowledge to be technologically competent:

1. Information management

The ability to search, identify, obtain, store, evaluate, organize and share information in the digital environment. In this way, information can be accessed efficiently.

2. Communicate in digital environments

Digital communication is essential in the digitized world, it enables communication and collaboration through digital tools, actively participating in digital environments or collaborative spaces, forums or debates, collaborating with valuable contributions.

3. Content creation

What is the use of having an Internet presence if valuable information is not offered. Creating new content and incorporating relevant knowledge is crucial in addition to knowing how to apply that content effectively.

4. Network security

There are different dangers to face once inside the digital environment. Information must be protected, as well as online reputation. Cybersecurity is essential, security measures that avoid being exposed to dangerous situations. In Talio, they have a cybersecurity management service at different levels.

Cooperation through digital tools

There are various digital tools through which you can take advantage of extended functionality. It is now possible to work in a team, at the same time without distance limit. Tools like Citrix, Office 365, Microsoft, etc. They allow you to work in a team simultaneously, and with many functions. At Talio, they implement digital technologies and tools to facilitate and advance technologically in the workspace.

This new way of working encourages companies to opt for internal training, so that employees acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to adapt to new changes, to digitization. It is worth highlighting requalification, an important term after digital transformation. Requalification is a term that refers to the professional retraining of employees. This phenomenon stems from the digitalization of companies, workers must acquire technological skills to carry out their work effectively through training.

Many companies choose to offer this training to their employees by contracting with companies such as Talio, which provide training to workers, requiring them to acquire the necessary digital skills.

“Training is the foundation on which it is built, if you don’t have it, it will be difficult for you to be successful in your business. Digital transformation is a fact, and it is essential to know it and know how to use to get the most out of it “Eva Garca, head of training activity at Talio.

Ultimately, the company is making giant strides toward digitalization. This digital transformation is driving changes in production and new business models. At Talio, we offer different scanning solutions, through which customers can be reached more efficiently.

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