The Franks must deliver the keys of Pazo de Meirás to the state and all their property today

Publication: Thursday, December 10, 2020 06:51

Today is the day, December 10, at 11 a.m., the Franks must hand over to the state the Pazo de Meirás, which will become public property 82 years after being handed over to the dictator and 45 years after his death.

It will, of course, be temporarily awaiting a final judgment, which will take place once all possible legal remedies have been exhausted. The Franco family has already presented a case against the decision of the court of first instance before the provincial court of La Coruña.

The delivery will be made in the Pazo de Meirás and will be verified by a judicial commission. Despite the fact that the Franks have voluntarily accepted the execution of the sentence, the magistrate warns them that “if they do not deliver on the day and at the time indicated, the goods will be immediately expelled by the same act”.

The judgment condemns the dictator’s heirs to return the property without being compensated for the expenses they claimed to have incurred in maintaining the property.

According to the magistrate Marta Canales, the judgment declares the nullity of the donation made in 1938 of “the farm called Torres or pazo de Meirás to the self-proclaimed Head of State, Francisco Franco Bahamonde, for lack of the essential formal requirement”.

In his decision, he maintains that this donation is not made to Franco in a personal capacity, as the lawyers of the family have maintained, “but to the head of state”. Further, he concluded that the May 1941 purchase and sale was a “sham” which determined its nullity, while also declaring the donation which is included in a November 1982 deed null and void.

Years of resources and protests

The surrender was preceded by numerous protests from social entities and political organizations demanding a return described as “historic” and judicial writings of one party and the other since last September 2, the court of Coruña confirmed the lawsuit brought by the state and declared him the owner of the Pazo de Meirás.

Despite this, the Franks opposed the realization of an inventory of goods, requested by the state and accepted by the judge, in addition to proposing a postponement of the date of delivery of the pazo, after being published in the media. who were to transfer the aforementioned products.

The Franks will only be able to withdraw those for “strictly personal use” or those which do not compromise the possible “final uses” of the pazo, declared a Site of Cultural Interest (BIC), in 2008 and whose visits were managed until now by the Francisco Franco Foundation. The guards, meanwhile, will have until January 15 to leave the house they live in.

The delivery takes place the same week when the inventory of goods made by the technicians of the Xunta and National Heritage was known, a total of 697 collected in the report prepared by the representatives of the Ministry of Culture, of which 81 at the outside and 616 inside the pazo.

There are statues of Mestre Mateo with altarpieces of the Virgin, paintings by Pardo Bazán or the dictator himself and his wife Carmen Polo with the furniture of the royal family, as collected, in turn, in his report, National heritage.

However, there is a target of which there is no trace. A moon rock from the Apollo 11 mission that US President Nixón entrusted to the Spanish state and which, according to sources exclusively confirmed to LaSexta, was for years in the Pazo de Meirás.

Franco would have kept it for years, but it is believed that the family may have sold it later as there is no trace of it left in the inventories which listed nearly 700 properties in the dictator’s residence. Everything that makes up its exterior and interior has been added, and previously unseen photographs are included.

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