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Key trends – 26% of Ariège companies plan to recruit a total of 5,870 hires in our department despite an uncertain economic environment, a 9% decrease from 2019. The forecast relates to permanent positions.

Agriculture, hospitality and industry are particularly hard hit: these are the three sectors most affected by this error, with corresponding decreases of 21%, 20% and 33% respectively. In raw numbers – number of jobs affected, it is agriculture that cuts the most in their forecasts with 280 fewer hiring projects.

Coping with Temporary Spikes in Activity – These settings will largely be aimed at coping with temporary spikes in activity (at 54%). Only 15% correspond to the start of new activities. The percentage of CDI suffers, only 42%.

The top 10 most popular professions – you will find yourself in the medical sector (nurses, nursing assistants, educators, …), waitresses in cafes or restaurants, domestic help, for example.

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