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Game News Knockout City: The Free Time As A Guarantee To Trigger Sales? Posted on May 25th, 2021 at 7:15 pm Knock Out City was released without warning and is now the small phenomenon in the video game industry. It must be recognized that its colorful graphics and nervous gameplay repeating the inmate ball game with great vigor had enough to seduce a large audience in need of light or refreshing experiences. But beyond its qualities, it is above all the Electronic Arts bet that has recently allowed the game to gain a lot of light, since the game is offered for free and in its entirety for 10 days. An unstoppable road to ensuring solid sales when switching to the paid model?

Everything to be accessible

After a beta phase that was pretty well received by those who tried it, Knockout City, developed by Velan Studios, was released in its final version on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Knockout City gives you the opportunity to take part in online clashes between two teams of three players each. In doing so, it rejects a very specific version of the prisoner’s ball while maintaining the essentials: Touch the opponents by throwing a ball at them and score ten points. The end wins two rounds to be declared the winner. This new multiplayer game is rewarded with a score of 15/20 in our columns and is a really critical and public success. It must be recognized that the game is designed to be seductive: instantly accessible, fun, colorful to appeal to a large audience, but the gameplay relies on evasion and collaboration to attract fans of slightly more sophisticated experiences. Knockout City is immediately offered as a cross-platform platform and prefers to create clans that you can easily play with your friends with. It seems to have thought of everything to allow immediate and not very restrictive immersion in the game. In addition, Electronic Arts has made a rather rare bet in the industry: to offer the game in its entirety for free to everyone for a limited period of 10 days until May 30th per hour. There you read these lines. In every way, keep in mind that in the pool full of subscriptions and various offers to get an extensive catalog at a lower cost, Knockout City is not meant to be played for free in the near future. However, since Velan’s title is part of the EA Play program, it’s available in Gamepass if you’ve subscribed to it. Also, if you are a Premium Member of EA Play, you do not have to pay the amount of € 19.99 at the end of the free trial period. In any case, this is not the first time Electronic Arts has hunted in the realm of competitive multiplayer, trying to seduce the public by emphasizing freedom. His main coup was without a doubt Apex Legends. The battle royale was always so popular that it shaped its time so much for the wind of freshness that it spawned a genre that was increasingly in need of innovation, but mostly thanks to its permanent free-to-play model. If we could see an opportunity at this time for EA to shed the light on its catalog and install Origin ahead of the Anthem release for PC gamers, it will be clear that the tech worked and was instrumental in making the game a success. Apex Legends is a multi-quality game, free and with a fair economy model, that has managed to find its place of choice in the ruthless world of Battle Royale. But could this feat of Knockout City be reproduced, which will soon pay off? Not necessarily.

A cheap shopping environment

If you take a quick look at it without getting too interested in this new competitive game, you can rightly see it as a link to the indebted fornite. Screaming and cartoonish artistic direction, commands similar in a sense … the goose that lays the golden eggs of Epic Games was there and its influence can be felt in the at least visual suggestion of Knockout City. Additionally, Electronic Arts obviously intends to place a long term bet. By implementing a seasonal system as is common in competitive games today, Knockout City will try to stay ahead of the news, compete with the giants of the genre and take a look at the side with that kind of ambition that Completely free for 10 days and with enough time for the public to see, this is certainly a great way to guarantee a sale when the free period expires. If the observation is less valid for single player games, which, as we have told you in this article, are more difficult to sell to the greatest number on a trial, multiplayer games are an excellent free candidate for a short time. As mentioned above, entering the world of Knockout City is by no means complicated. Inviting friends to your clan only takes a few clicks and players don’t have to worry about which platform their game partners have installed the Velan title on, as it is offered directly across all platforms. As long as the experience is satisfactory for the players and they progress enough to earn in-game rewards, rewards that create engagement and that are maintained after the free time runs out, sales of the game are almost guaranteed. Difficult indeed, when resources permit, refusing to have a fun and immediate collective experience, offered for $ 19.99 that we are only just beginning to master. Beyond these considerations, performance in a competitive multiplayer game is all about practice, and ten days gives the player enough time to become sufficiently efficient in the practice of the game to appreciate its more technical aspects, and therefore yours over time to improve term.

Deterrent free-to-play signals?

Despite everything, the increase in sales after this free time is not set in stone. Of course, the audience that is going to have little fun in those 10 days is obviously not being converted into customers, but the difficulty isn’t necessarily in that, rather it hugs the signals that Knockout City is sending into the competitive multiplayer gaming ecosystem. Almost all the codes for the free game are there. We mentioned them a little above: family universe that is heavily inspired by Fortnite, season system, integrated shop for personalizing your avatar, quick games and simple principles … so many references that we can of course find in a multitude of free-to – Find play games. After the trial period ends, given these codes, it is very likely that people who missed the 10 days off may not necessarily want to spend twenty euros on a game they think they could find the equivalent for free elsewhere in addition to that Apex Legends, which in the eyes of the players at least superficially had a “premium” presence, has remained free since its introduction. The fact that in the final version a game like Knockout City is started, which again refers to the codes of free play in order to then pass it on by paying, can remain quite deceptive and ultimately discourage players from even trying. To counteract this perverse effect that is likely to occur, Knockout City needs a real capacity for renewal, considerable enthusiasm from the population (the presence in Xbox Game Pass should help with this) and a strong offer to survive in the ruthless world of competitive multiplayer game only, to get as many people as possible to buy, even though the signals suggest it is a free game. Whatever happens, the end of that free time will no doubt generate a lot of sales, but are they living up to hopes in Knockout City? The future will show. By [87], Journalist MPTwitter

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