the funniest Twitter reactions to the Madrid elections

Updated: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 9:47 PM

Published on: 05/04/2021 21:44

In Spain, any situation is used for humor and in these elections to the Community of Madrid it was no less. From the fall of Ciudadanos and the particular mode of operation of Edmundo Bal to the polls of the Volt political party, through the hygiene measures of the polling stations due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Then we show you the funniest reactions of tweeters to the elections to the Community of Madrid on May 4:

With more than 2.9 thousand ‘likes’, one of the polling day tweets was that of a surfer who joked with the envelopes and the mask: “One year locked up in my house and I suck the first envelope that comes to me. offers a stranger in the electoral college ”, write @adolfovalor.

Another of the topics most discussed on social networks was the impact of the elections to the Community of Madrid on the rest of Spain. “I’ll tell you a secret: Even though it sounds like it isn’t a general election,” @diostuitero said on Twitter. “You won’t see this in the media,” another user quipped.

The way the ballots are cast at polling stations was also a recurring theme on Twitter during these elections. On May 4, the Vox ballots were cast in the polling stations with those of Volt, the pan-European party presented for the first time in the regional elections.

Although the official results are not yet known, many Internet users are convinced that the candidate of the Popular Party and current president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, will be the winner of these elections in Madrid. For some, this is good news and for others… not so much.

Ciudadanos is at the center of these elections and, according to the polls, he could lose his representation in the Assembly of Madrid, which does not leave indifferent.

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