the future of construction in REBUILD 2021

The construction sector is today responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions and 30% of energy consumption, according to a report prepared by the GBCE. Percentages that the sector has the challenge to reduce for the next decade. To counter the negative effects of its activity, the building sector has renewed itself thanks to sustainable construction as an innovative tool to optimize the use of raw materials, improve energy efficiency, reduce the environmental impact and promote the economy. circular.

Aware of this situation and the importance it has for the building sector, sustainable construction will be one of the main protagonists of REBUILD 2021, the innovation event to promote the transformation of the building that will be held during the 21 days, September 22. and 23 at IFEMA MADRID. Sustainability will be one of the pillars of the National Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0, where the latest trends and solutions will be discussed to promote decarbonization and promote circular construction.

SOS-Teniblity makes its debut in REBUILD 2021

The National Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0, in collaboration with the GBCe (Green Building Council Spain), will discuss in depth the role of sustainability in the construction sector. Under the name of ” Foro SOS-Tenibilidad ”, Jos M González, Director of Architecture and Sustainability of AEDAS Homes, will detail the new models that arise from decarbonization, as well as the alignment of construction and achieving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

In the same spirit, the participation of the CSCAE Observatory 2030 stands out, which will share in REBUILD 2021 the next challenges and the keys to the construction of the next decade. ngela Baldellou, director of the Observatory 2030, underlines that “ the Observatory 2030 works on sustainability in a transversal way, by integrating it in all the working groups and sectoral initiatives, because from its approach, it linked the objectives of the 2030 Agenda and the Spanish Urban Agenda with their own, working hand in hand with the public and private institutions responsible for its definition and ensuring its compliance and dissemination, being the good practices of the Global Compact of Nations United Nations, SDG 11 of Sustainable Cities and Communities and 17 of Strategic Alliances ”.

Sustainable construction is a triad between health, spaces and people. For this reason, Rita Gasalla, CEO of Galw, Jordi Marrot, Technical Director of CAATEEB, Alejandro Payn, of CGATE, and Julia Manzano, of GBCe, will present a study with the essential concepts to understand how architecture can provide an environment for improve the health of people, as well as the materials that contribute to it. Likewise, circular construction will be approached by exploring the means of achieving it while respecting the precepts of the circular economy.

Bruno Sauer, Managing Director of GBCE, a leading organization in sustainable building in Spain, underlines that “all our activities aim to achieve the transformation towards a sustainable model in the building sector. Sustainability is the only option we have today, we live on a resource-limited planet where construction consumes 50% of all materials mined. The sector must assume its responsibility and transform itself so that the built stock is 100% neutral throughout its life cycle. ”

Solutions to deal with decarbonisation and circular construction

Decarbonization and circular construction are two of the main areas that focus the debate on how sustainability is increasingly influencing the design of new infrastructure. To face the sustainable challenges of the present and the future, REBUILD 2021 will have leading companies in this field. Among them, GROHE, the German quality fittings, sanitary and kitchen equipment company, has achieved CO2 neutral manufacturing. In addition, its products are designed and manufactured with the intention of reusing their components at the end of their useful life for the creation of new products, a strong commitment of the company in the circular economy.

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