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Teleworking, retaining talent or putting the human team at the center are important issues in the world of Human Resources. This is what Infojobs shows in the first White Paper intended for professionals in the sector. Under the title “Present and future of human resources. New challenges facing Covid-19 ”, Infojobs addresses these three questions which are essential for the future of the organization.

When it comes to teleworking, the platform says it has been one of the keys to running a business during the pandemic. According to Infojobs, 55% of workers had to work from home during childbirth.

After the advance of the pandemic, the rate of professionals working from home decreased, standing at the end of 2020 between 20% and 25%. However, they consider that this practice “will become more and more common and that it will require a legal framework which does not cease to develop”. However, Infojobs chief executive Romn Campa warns companies need to improve communication to prevent physical distance from also being human distance.

Covid-19 has also caused businesses to adapt in many other ways. One of them got human resources managers to work to protect the human team that companies had. In this sense, the director of Robert Walters, Sylvain Namy, considers “necessary to integrate employees in times of change and great instability”.

To integrate the employees into the company, the director of Sandav Consultores, Vctor Álvarez, explains that they had to develop the figure of the leader by strengthening the communication skills, as well as the decisive capacity and the confidence of the team.

Another issue that will mark the future of human resources will be the attraction and retention of talent. In this case, EY Espaa’s human resources director, Jos Luis Risco, warns that the most successful companies will be those that “have diverse people, with diverse profiles, because they are the ones who will adapt best. to this way of working. : hybrid, remote, at home, at the office ”. Managers encourage the company to favor privileged places where talents can develop.

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