The future of work is designed from Spain by the hand of this innovative platform

The future of work is designed from Spain by the hand of this innovative platform

The electrifying and disruptive organization formed by digital natives, finalizes the launch of Shakers, the platform they have designed to remotely connect the talents and companies with which they will revolutionize the future of work, fostering a balance perfect between professional and personal life.

The team of professionals is immersed in an investment round that guarantees the success of the 2nd phase of the development of the Shakers platform, focused on qualified investments that bring both capital and value.

Over the past decade, we have seen a profound change in the way we communicate, organize and build relationships: it is the beginning of the tsunami of jobs that is coming and that will change everything, irreparably. A series of changes that started long before the introduction of telework, “which may be the beginning, but certainly not the destination, not the end, not the future of what is to come and which no one can avoid; to be clearer: the future of work is not called teleworking ”, affirm Jaime Castillo and Hctor Mata, leaders of Shakers, the group where the talent of professionals will drive both innovation and transformation of work , both in its processes as well as its behavior.

For the Shakers team, the factors behind this tsunami of work are based on four key points:

Generational change: Millennials will represent 75% of the labor market in 2025, a generation looking for opportunities that are much more compatible between their personal and professional life with new habits linked to their lifestyle and their talent. Dissolving geographic barriers: giving people the opportunity to work where and when they want. This is how the so-called “digital nomads” appear, for whom it doesn’t matter where they are, but what they can do better than anyone. Organizations in full transformation of models: seek to be much more global, scalable and automated; With more immediate and on-demand needs, new and old organizations face their new exponentiality by demanding new platforms that connect them to the new reality. Much more specialized global profiles: The specialization of the new digital age generates workers for projects linked to infinitely more liquid organizations.

Under these premises, Shakers was born in early 2019 to respond to this new job market, building a corporate vision in which the vast majority of people wake up every day inspired, feel happy and motivated, and end the day satisfied. made work.

After two years of tests with various customers and companies, reaching a turnover of nearly € 1 million, they are now preparing to launch a new technological platform to answer all these questions.

A platform on which, thanks to a unique algorithm, any professional can search for active projects around the world, with a perfect match between their skills and experience, but also with their tastes, concerns or lifestyle at any time. .

Companies will be able to integrate skilled talent on demand into their organization with just four clicks, finding the world’s best professionals in disciplines such as development, business intelligence, data analysis or project management, among other new professions.

During these two years of testing, both SMEs and companies tested the model for different types of projects and an environment was built with tools that simplify and automate the relationship between companies and freelancers to reduce barriers to entry and increase agility.

For now, companies and talent can sign up for the beta, although they hope to open up to the world soon.

According to Hctor Mata, its co-CEO: “We have realized that companies are increasingly becoming much more liquid and flexible organizations, which must adapt to challenges in real time and must respond with highly specialized teams, this is where Shakers improves with technology that matches and this environment of tools necessary for businesses to continue to grow. “

Right now, at Shakers, they are immersed in an investment cycle that allows them to continue to improve their product and position themselves as leaders of this change inside and outside of Spain, and take advantage of the opportunity that Spain has to position itself as a world benchmark in teleworking. An ideal destination for teleworkers or digital nomads around the world.

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