The Game Pass year revealed its true potential

This 2020 has been a difficult year, without a doubt it could be one of the most heard phrases these days. But it also brought us great things. I had never been able to enjoy and immerse myself in worlds so many and so diverse. Not just playing, but reading or through series or movies. It was a year in which, out of obligation, we did not leave home so much. And that’s where Game Pass came to the fore.

Game Pass is worth its weight in gold

Initially, the theory of a lot happens because the games are not yours. In addition, it does not encourage sales and therefore developers do not make enough money on the price of the subscription. The reality is that more and more studies are added to the Microsoft model and the proposition is appreciated.

By entering the personal domain, I had an infinite number of games waiting to play and thanks to the Game Pass I am catching up. During this year in our Telegram group I have been concerned about each of the games I have played, but that was to store it for this article. Also, those of you who follow me on Twitter will have seen different tweets with the captures.

The list of games I played in 2020

Gears Tactics A Plague Tale Innocence Devil May Cry 5 Ori and the Will of Wisps Super Lucky’s Tale Mon ami Pedro Ryse: Son of Rome Rime Gris The Outer Worlds Minecraft Dungeons Sniper Elite 4 Street of Rage 4 For Honor Gardens Entre Turing Test New Super Lucky’s Tale Undermine Battletoads Doom Untitled Goose Game Dishonored Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Of these games, I bought some through Xbox deals, some out of devotion (like Ori), and some because I started with Game Pass and didn’t finish (like Shadow of the Tomb Raider ). By that I mean that Game Pass means not only savings, but also acquiring those titles that interest us.

Also, thanks to this subscription I discovered games like My Friend Pedro or A Plague Tale Innocence, the latter being a marvel. Not all of the titles you see are on Game Pass, but it shows that I didn’t just depend on the subscription.

But, I saved hundreds of dollars and got to try out some great games and, as you can see, all kinds of games. In the case of Xbox Game Studios or Publishing, there haven’t been many: Ori and the Will of Wisps, The Otuer Worlds, Gears Tactics, Super Lucky’s Tale and its sequel, New Super Lucky’s Tale, Minecraft Dungeons, Battletoads and Ryse: Son of Rome.

The future is very bright

If we look around 2021, we don’t have any big titles beyond Halo Infinite. What we criticized is that most of the big titles, Avowed, Perfect Dark, Fable, Everwild, Hellblade 2… they don’t have a release date.

Of course, there will be a production of titles that will allow us to profit in the big way. Stories of all kinds that will increase the value of Game Pass exponentially. And remember, I got to enjoy several of these PC games. The subscription allows us to have PC and Xbox games.

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