The glass is half full, by Nawaiam

“A struggling river fisherman wins,” a popular phrase goes. “Crisis” means opportunity in the communities of the East. Undoubtedly, human beings are optimistic, they are looking for a way to find positive signs in negative contexts, it is a sign of survival, I imagine.

In the midst of a pandemic, many companies have twisted the course of their activities to survive, from perfume companies manufacturing alcohol gel, the textile industry putting its expertise at the service of the chinstrap. And they did it quickly, to take care of the business and the stability of their employees. It’s innovation, speed.

Of course, no one had foreseen it, it was an emergency, but just as fishermen take advantage of a storm, people discover skills that they did not know they had, they find themselves by chance and in Because of the urgency of doing something that empowers them even more, they enjoy more of what they are doing, while in other cases they pray that everything is back to normal.

How was your team during and after the pandemic? How many of them have found Happiness in the midst of the emergency? How many have realized that the same business that was previously uninspiring, boring, now makes sense and is closer to their needs?

Nawaiam is a video game that quickly asks these questions in a report, in the hands of HR and its employees. A digital adventure describes the behavioral profiles of people regardless of the context. Bring out where you are Well where can you deploy your best abilities. That way, you can take advantage of qualities you didn’t know you had, or make sure what you thought was the right thing to do.

A tool created to capture talent and also to map existing talent in an organization.

To reinvent yourself, rethink the future, read an opportunity well, it is very important to get to know yourself, to know what are our important “cards”, where we are making the difference. It is fundamental. Like survival.

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