'The good patron', by Fernando León de Aranoa, will represent Spain at the Oscars

The Good Pattern, by Fernando León de Aranoa, is the one selected by the Spanish Film Academy to compete for the Oscar for best international film at the 94 th edition of the Hollywood awards, whose gala will be held on 27 March, if the pandemic does not alter the calendar. The reading was carried out by the actors Irene Escolar and Ricardo Gómez (who previously paid a tribute to That happy couple, whose end of filming marks the day of Spanish cinema tomorrow), together with the president of the Academy, Mariano Barroso, and the notary Federico Gayaralde. The academics have chosen from the trio that completed Parallel Mothers, by Pedro Almodóvar, and Mediterráneo , by Marcel Barrena.

The good boss, by Fernando León, tells the week that the owner of a scale factory, Scales Blanco, in pursuit of the regional government’s award for business excellence, while everything around him seems to collapse. That local cacique of an anonymous city is embodied by Javier Bardem, who builds a category manipulator and seducer who performs all kinds of personal and business balances, without understanding moral dilemmas or social problems. A kind of cross of a coin whose face would be Mondays in the sun . “ The good pattern is the reverse, the counterfield of that. The first told the panorama of unemployment, and this one, that of employment, with its vitiated, hierarchical and to a certain extent servile relationships, “said its director in El País Semanal. The good pattern will be commercially released next October 15 after its screening in the official section of the last festival of San Sebastián.

There, in EL PAÍS, León reflected: “My film is a satire, it looks for the cathartic capacity that humor offers. Laughter allows you to say very fucked up things without being noticed so much. And even so, what I have told, at least for me, is attached to the current reality, especially in a reduced work environment, like that of this factory, with 150 workers, in an anonymous provincial town, where a businessman can exert greater pressure on politicians. And let’s not forget that those wild relationships are not only done vertically, but horizontally as well. Without the sense of belonging to a social class, with the disappearance of that fabric, everyone wins against everyone. I have shunned Manichaeism to show that everyone has unethical interests and reactions. It is a dehumanized landscape. ”

There is already a precedent in an election by the Spanish Academy of a film by León over another by Almodóvar. In 2003 Mondays in the sun was chosen, to the detriment of Talk to her. León’s film, Concha de Oro at the San Sebastián festival, did not reach the gala; instead, Talk to her won two Oscar nominations, best direction and best original screenplay, and this statuette ended up in the hands of Almodóvar.

In addition to Spain, there have been a dozen countries that have already announced their choice. Among these films, the Colombian Memoria, by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, with Tilda Swinton; the Polish Leave No Traces, by Jan P. Matuszyński; the Serbian Oasis , by Ivan Ikić; the German I’m Your Man, by Maria Schrader; and the Moroccan Casablanca Beats , by Nabil Ayouch. For the award for best international film, the journey is long: the candidates must have been released in their country of origin between January 1 and 31 December 2021, and the deadline for submission is November 1. The Hollywood Academy will conduct a first screening of 15 finalists, which will announce the 21 from December; later, along with the rest of the nominations for the awards, it will announce the five nominees on February 8.

Last year, 97 countries submitted a film to this award, of which 93 were accepted (equaling the record of 2019) . The prize was finally won by the Danish Another round, by Thomas Vinterberg.

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