The Government allocates 522 million euros to scientific projects and the hiring of researchers

La ministra de Ciencia e Innovación, Diana Morant, tras la reunión de este lunes del Consejo de Ministros celebrado en Moncloa.
The Minister of Science and Innovation , Diana Morant, after this Monday’s meeting of the Council of Ministers held in Moncloa. EUROPA PRESS / E. Vine. POOL (Europa Press)

The Government has approved this Tuesday in the Council of Ministers, at the proposal of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, a total of 522 million euros for the main call for research projects in Spain and to be able to hire about 1. 100 predoctoral researchers. The Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, has specified that the State Research Agency (AEI) will allocate 412 million euros for “the most important set of aid for the promotion of scientific and technical research” in Spain, which consolidates the increase in 14% Made in 2020, as he has said.

On the aid for pre-doctoral contracts, the minister explained that the AEI will allocate 110 million euros for the recruitment of young researchers, who will be able to carry out the doctoral thesis in solvent groups of universities, Public Research Organizations (OPI) or private non-profit centers, and access more options for international mobility and mobility within the public and private sectors.

Morant recalled that with the pandemic and “the longed-for vaccine, the world Entirely has learned two golden lessons: science saves lives and only knowledge can guide the best decisions in any field ”. For this reason, he stressed that the Government has allocated “the largest budget in science and innovation in the history of our country”, a total of 3. 843 million euros in 2022.

This call encourages the Spanish scientific community to tackle high-quality, novel and relevant scientific and technical research projects that contribute to the advancement of knowledge, as well as problem solving of society and the growth of the economy. Likewise, they allow the incorporation of predoctoral recruits in training to carry out their doctoral thesis in the most recognized research groups and centers. Following the consolidation of the increase of 50 million euros approved in in 2019 the AEI allocated 365 million euros to this call), the minister has explained that, with these grants, “for the second consecutive year, the scientific community once again has a powerful means of financing to generate knowledge and specific solutions that improve people’s lives, the country’s economy and solve the urgent challenges of the next decade ”. The grants from this call will finance, on the one hand, non-oriented research projects, which are motivated by scientific curiosity and whose primary objective is to advance knowledge, regardless of the time horizon and its scope of application.

On the other hand, it will also finance oriented research projects, which aim to solve specific problems linked to thematic priorities associated with global challenges and industrial competitiveness of society. “It will be the results of these scientific investigations and their application that will change the energy model of our country and, therefore, will help us, in the medium term, to solve problems such as the electricity bill,” explained Morant.

The projects will have a duration of three or four years, and exceptionally two, and may be carried out individually or in coordination to promote the creation of more powerful scientific cooperation schemes, so that they make it possible to achieve objectives that could hardly be set in a more restricted context of implementation. The projects will be developed by research teams, under the direction of one or more principal researchers. The budget will be allocated to personnel, equipment and consumables, travel expenses, scientific publications, patents and other expenses directly related to the project.

This call is part of the State Program to promote Scientific-Technical Research and its Transfer, of the State Plan for Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research 2021 – 2023.

Predoctoral contracts

These grants, which constitute the main call for predoctoral researchers, are associated with a research project and are part of the State Program for the Promotion of Talent and its Employability. The grants are for four years and allow pre-doctoral researchers to carry out their doctoral theses in research projects of groups with scientific and academic solvency belonging to universities, OPI and other research centers and, with a singular character, in centers of excellence Severo Ochoa and María de Maeztu units, and in public R&D centers for agricultural and food research dependent on the autonomous communities, participating in the Coordinating Commission for Agricultural Research INIA-CCAA. The annual aid for each of the pre-doctoral contracts will be 21. 100 euros for each of the first two annuities, 22. 300 for the third annuity and 27. 900 for the fourth annuity.

These grants finance the salaries and social security expenses of the hiring, as well as the expenses of stays in other R&D centers and enrollment in doctoral studies. This call also includes additional grants of 6. 860 euros for each researcher hired, which can be used to finance Stays carried out in R&D centers other than those to which they are attached in order that they can carry out activities to improve their training and promote the development of their thesis, as well as complete and strengthen the research training acquired. You can also finance the tuition fees derived from doctoral studies – academic tutelage and training credits – in a Spanish, public or private university, of the researcher hired corresponding to the courses in which he is enrolled during the validity of the aid for recruitment in the predoctoral stage.

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