The government asks for “prudence” and “common sense” in front of the images of the agglomerations: “that worries”

Updated: Monday, November 30, 2020 12:26 PM

Published on: 11/30/2020 11:57

The images of the agglomerations that took place this weekend in several cities in Spain – among which Madrid stands out – have caused great concern in the ranks of the government because they can ruin the gains of this second wave of the pandemic.

From Health, they ask citizens “to try to walk in less frequented streets and to make staggered purchases”: “If we love Christmas, let’s all try to be there next Christmas.

In this sense, they appealed to the responsibility of citizens and asked “not to let our guard down. The Secretary of State for Health, Silvia Calzón, launched” an appeal for the responsibility and prudence “of citizens, as well as to the “common sense”, and recommended “to avoid crowds” in the streets these days before Christmas to avoid a worsening of the situation, because “it is not over”.

“We would like to call for responsibility and prudence”, because “it has cost a lot of work and sacrifice to bend the curve” and “we must not forget how many families have suffered and the suffering” caused by the virus “especially when it reaches the most vulnerable”, said the representative of the Ministry of Health questioned about these images.

In the same vein, said Minister Juan Carlos Campo, who admitted that the government was “concerned”. “The public is marking a commendable containment exercise, we have exceptions, it must be approached responsibly and comply with all directions that health authorities have given,” he said.

Groom gives “a message of tranquility”

Opposition leader Pablo Casado assured that “it is important to give a message of tranquility” when asked about the crowds of people in cities like Madrid, Valencia and Malaga, although he has called upon to “follow the recommendations, wear a mask and that the outings are done when necessary”.

“But the news which reaches us is good, there is containment in the contagions, but the deaths are still unbearable. We must be responsible and especially the public administrations have only one criterion”, he underlined while demanding that ” or the government leading the pandemic “.

In addition, he recalled that “the elderly have been desperate for months” and warned that “we cannot plunge the elderly into depression who want to hope that at Christmas they can see their families.” “I’m asking for a real scientific criterion,” he ruled.

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