The government criticizes the demonstration that will again bring together PP, Vox and Ciudadanos in Colón

Posted: Saturday May 29 2021 2:15 PM

The Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Service, Miquel Iceta, this Saturday accused the Spanish right of “wanting to destroy everything” and warned that “whoever really wants Spain does not divide it” or break “the consensus “. , he “reaches out” to find a solution.

This was stated in Barcelona during his speech to the PSC National Council, after the PP and Vox announced that they would participate on June 13 in the concentration convened by the Union 78 platform in the Plaza de Colón in Madrid against pardons from the leaders of the “trial”, to which Cs also lent his support. For his part, Ciudadanos hopes that many socialists will join the rally.

“The right wing, when lost, goes back to Colón. What do you want her to discuss? Vaccination? Economic recovery? About the ERTE? No, they, if confused, all in Colón.” , denounced the first secretary of the PSC, alluding to the first image that joined PP, Vox and Cs in 2019.

Thus, he censured “a right which, incapable of contributing anything, only wants to destroy everything” and alerted the public that “he who truly loves Spain does not divide it”. “Those who really love the Spanish peoples do not clash. Those who see that their country has difficulties, mobilize, do not destroy the consensus”, underlined Iceta, before recalling that after having “collected signatures” of the PP against the approval of the Statute of Catalonia in 2006, “they had to face a political crisis of the first magnitude”. “They had to face illegal consultations, illegal referendums, a unilateral declaration of independence (…) It seems that they want history to repeat itself,” he said.

For his part, Salvador Illa disfigured the right to practice “the patriotism of fear and the revenge of cowardice”: “Patriotism is wanting people to be well in Catalonia and Spain and that means guaranteeing the right to stability, harmony and stability, ”he said.

The PSOE accused the PP of “embracing the extreme right” and also of “embracing the problem” in Catalonia, without understanding that “this country needs to heal the wounds, to promote understanding and harmony” in territorial level. This was underscored by PSOE Senate spokesman Ander Gil when addressing the media in San Fernando de Henares, where he harshly blamed the PP. “It is the only party that strikes the same stone twice,” he said when asked about the collection of signatures that Pablo Casado’s party will promote against possible pardons.

“The PP de Casado is the only one who strikes the same stone twice,” said Ander Gil when asked about this call and the announcement made by the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, that they would collect signatures from all over Spain to protest against graces. .

In this sense, Gil recalled that the last tour of the PP in Spain by collecting signatures against the Statute of Catalonia “they largely resulted” in the unilateral declaration of independence and on October 1, “that we all have in mind “.

Municipalities support forgiveness

Barcelona mayor Ada Colau has defended government president Pedro Sánchez to pardon 1-O prisoners: “Sánchez’s hand should not tremble to grant pardons, because it would be worse for him. ”

In an interview with ‘La Vanguardia’, he warned that the leader of the PSOE also “would show weakness and give the political framework to the right” if he gave in to pressure from right-wing parties and did not grant pardon. . “I believe that there is really no option and this is the path that must be taken to end the confrontation and the tensions and start a new stage of dialogue,” he said. .

He also defended that the granting of pardons was the means of diverting politics and initiating a stage of dialogue, and he is happy that Sánchez “has given this unequivocal signal that these pardons are imminent”. Colau criticized the reaction of the right-wing parties: “Those who have lived through tensions and clashes are now criticizing these graces because they see that the framework which gave them so much voice is running out.”

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