The government excludes withdrawing the title of King Emeritus from Juan Carlos I

The government has ruled out the possibility of withdrawing the title of King Emeritus that Juan Carlos I has had since his abdication as head of state, saying this honorary treatment is in line with historical precedents and the custom of other monarchies.

This is how the executive responded to a written question formulated by the senator of Compromís, Carles Mulet, in which he asked whether the government was considering revoking this honorary and life-long title that Juan Carlos I received after his abdication.

According to the government of Pedro Sánchez, the honorary treatment accorded to Juan Carlos I is included in a decree approved during the tenure of Mariano Rajoy, when the abdication of the monarch and the appointment of Felipe VI as head of state were occurred. .

Currently, King Emeritus Juan Carlos I is in Abu Dhabi after his decision to move his residence out of Spain after legal information related to the former head of state.

During an appearance before the Constitutional Commission, the Secretary of State for Relations with the Courts, José Antonio Montilla, defended that the acts of the monarch Juan Carlos I “do not require any approval since he does not develop any constitutional function after his abdication of head of state. “.

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