The government extends the SMI by 950 euros

The work ensures that the current amount “will be maintained for the period necessary to allow the continuity of the work of the Social Dialogue Table which deals with this issue”

BY RRHH Digital, 02:15 – 30 December 2020

The Council of Ministers approved this Tuesday, at the request of the Ministry of Labor, the extension of the royal decree by which it instituted an increase of 5.5% of the inter-professional minimum wage (SMI) in 2020, up to 950 euros per month by fourteen countries, in order to give more room to the negotiation of the social dialogue to agree on what should be the evolution of the IMS next year.

As the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy reports in a statement, the extension approved today guarantees legal certainty and maintains the function of the minimum wage as a wage guarantee for workers, who will continue to be protected thanks to this extension.

It also protects workers waiting for this SMI and who could have been left in legal limbo as of December 31 had this extension not been approved.

The month of February of this year was the month in which the Council of Ministers approved the royal decree by which it instituted a 5.5% increase in the minimum interprofessional wage (SMI) for 2020, up to 950 euros per month. for fourteen payments with retroactive effects to January 1. This increase was the result of the agreement.

The Labor Party clarified that the extension is temporary and that it involves an extension of the current SMI until the approval of the royal decree which sets it for 2021, once it is agreed in the framework of the dialogue social.

“With the extension, the participation of social agents is also guaranteed to place the SMI in a social and economic context of particular difficulty and to walk on the path of growing their account while respecting the commitments made under the program. of Government, and in the European and international sphere ”, indicates the department headed by Yolanda Daz.

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