The Government is asking “to meet the standards” after learning that infants Elena and Cristina have been vaccinated in the United Arab Emirates.

Updated: Wednesday, March 3, 2021 12:16 PM

Published on: 03.03.2021 10:29

“All of society must be united to protect the most vulnerable. You must obey the rules, especially those who have a public role.” This is how the government, in particular the socialist party, has pronounced on the vaccination of infantas Elena and Cristina in the United Arab Emirates, stressing from the PSOE that they are rendering “a disservice to the institution” and that this ‘is something “inappropriate” because “they might be sensitive to the situation”.

The king’s sisters took advantage of a visit to their father in February to be administered the doses against the coronavirus, as published by “ El Confidencial ”. A news that they qualify as “surprising” on the part of the executive and for which they speak of “favorable treatment”.

More specifically, the Minister for Equality declared that there was “the feeling that there is favorable treatment and that an institution which should be exemplary is not”. In statements in “La hora de la 1”, he described the “situation as worrying” and asked “what is the monarchy for”, returning to one of the debates which emphasizes the partners of Coalition.

We have the feeling that there is favorable treatment and that an institution which should be exemplary is not “

Vice-President Iglesias also referred to “the debate on the Republican horizon” when he believes that “the scandals” which are published on the Royal House “push” him. “The Royal House is proposing new scandals which arouse outrage and the alleged corruption of the former head of state is pushing for debate,” he said.

Less energetic was the Vice President of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, who preferred “not to qualify” but said it was “surprising” news. Likewise, in an interview on “Hora 25”, he recalled that “society must be united to protect the most vulnerable” and “respect for the rules, in particular those who have a public role, is part of life. in society”.

United We Can MP Pablo Echenique indicted the monarchy as an “anti-democratic institution”. He considers that “its members are not exemplary and that they display legal and economic privileges” on a “permanent” basis.

In this sense, the mayor of Madrid and national spokesperson of the PP, Martínez-Almeida, insisted that “the infantas did not take the vaccine from any Spaniard” and asked “that it not be linked to the Royal House “. In the PP, they also say that “it is a personal decision”.

Almeida defends the Royal House and demands that what happened with this institution be dissociated

Gabriel Rufián was also very critical, who recalled that there are “thousands of poor” who walk thousands of kilometers “in Cayucos to be able to work and have a dignified life”, while other “rich people walk. thousands of kilometers to see his father escaped and was vaccinated long before the others.

In the same vein, the leader of Más Madrid, Íñigo Errejón, spoke on his Twitter account, calling the emeritus a “fugitive”. In addition, he stressed that what happened “is a lack of respect for our country”.

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