The government is giving itself a week to have a “coordinated” plan with all the autonomous communities for Easter

Updated: Wednesday, March 3, 2021 8:20 PM

Published on: 03.03.2021 20:13

“Our goal is always to save lives, not to save weeks.” This is how the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, explicitly expressed the “shared” position of the central government and the autonomous communities when deciding what to do and what not to do during Holy Week.

The aim is for the measures and restrictions to be “coordinated” between all regions, and the term that has been given to reach this consensus is one week, until the next meeting of the Interterritorial Council during which it “can be ratified”. The proposal that the Public Health Commission will present in a few hours.

Although there are already communities that have expressed their willingness to allow exits and entries to their territory on these dates, including the Community of Madrid, Darias noted that there is “a lot of consensus”. “The word that was repeated the most was that of” caution “,” he said after the meeting with those in charge of health in the autonomies.

In favor of limiting mobility and social gatherings

It happens that although the pandemic evolves favorably, with a continuous decrease in the accumulated incidence and hospital pressure, Spain has still failed to reach 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants – less than 25 would already be considered a normal situation – and ICUs still have a large occupation of COVID-19 patients. In this sense, Darias was very clear: “We are not able to absorb a new wave because we still have a bad situation in the ICUs.”

For this reason, the head of health wants the measures which we know affect the containment of the virus to be adopted. It is mainly a question of restricting social contacts and limiting mobility, “two vectors which allow the spread of the virus”.

With a “I hope that next week we will be able to give a homogeneous and joint response from the countries”, the Minister expressed her greatest desire that there be “understanding” and “that consensus be a reality” when it declares “coordinated actions, which would be compulsory for all the autonomous communities”, he recalled.

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