The Government is studying the extension of paternity leave to 6 months and the creation of support to go to 18 years

Updated: Wednesday July 14, 2021 13:31

Published: 07/14.2021 13:29

New proposal within the government. The United We Can space is negotiating the extension of maternity and paternity leave – from 4 to 6 months – and the creation of an education allowance, which will universally cover children up to 18 years old.

This was announced on Wednesday by the Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Ione Belarra, in turn Secretary General of Podemos: in collaboration with the Ministry of Equality, headed by Irene Montero, the work aim to include these measures in the Family Diversity Act.

The legislative text, still under study and awaiting debate in the Council of Ministers – and therefore with the PSOE space – is proposed for the start of the next political year.

Help, without depending on the quote and compatible with others

“Children’s rights cannot depend on their parents’ checking account,” Belarra said Wednesday at an event on families. “Our idea is that the parental benefit is not dependent on the contribution and should be compatible with other benefits.”

The Minister of Social Rights said she was “aware of the difficulty of working and raising young children”. Indeed, she was a mother herself in May 2020. “We will fight for the licenses to be extended to 6 months and the network of public nursery schools.”

Belarra added that, in front of the experts putting a hand on the head because of the low birth rate, she defends that the women who decide to have children do not have more because they “cannot”, due to the instability of housing and work. . Therefore, his idea is to make parenting easier.

“Spain has a pending account with families”

In his eyes, Spain “has a pending account with families with newborn babies.” Particularly because of the difficulty of reconciling with work and having to leave a baby at 4 months “in the care of others” or “to maintain exclusive breastfeeding having to go to work prematurely”.

The social rights official also explained that the law “will include many things that will lead to a paradigm shift and, for the first time, it will attempt to protect all families in this country.”

For the leader of Podemos “it is an absolute priority that everyone can choose the family they want to form” and she considers that the current support system “is too unstructured and unequal”.

“We will bet that the supports are orderly and are more powerful,” said Belarra, who highlighted support for “mothers who raise alone” and the extension of maternity and paternity leave to six months.

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