The government justifies the pardon to Junqueras for being “the key to restoring coexistence” and values ​​its “commitment to the path of dialogue”


Posted: Tuesday June 22 2021 11:01 PM

The government justifies Oriol Junqueras’ pardon for being “a key person in restoring coexistence”. This is indicated by the file for granting the pardon measure to the former Catalan vice-president, to which LaSexta had access.

This document argues that keeping him in prison is “a stumbling block in overcoming the” political conflict in Catalonia and “an obvious obstacle to the normalization of relations between Catalan institutions and those of the state”.

The file prepared by the Ministry of Justice also alludes to the “indisputable” weight of the leader of the Esquerra Republicana “in the future of relations between Spain and Catalonia” and underlines that the imprisonment of the independence leaders “does not not positively contribute to reducing the tension. existing”.

In addition, Junqueras’ proposal for pardon underlines his attitude “towards the search for solutions of dialogue to improve coexistence in Catalonia” and his “commitment” to “the path of dialogue”, which – he emphasizes – “seems to date determined “.

The letter asserts that the leader of the ERC “has undergone an evolution which has led him to advocate for dialogue and negotiation as the only possible avenues” for his political objectives and that his words reflect “a clear commitment to reorient the ‘independentist political action towards the channels of dialogue’, while “recognizing as undesirable any action not agreed with the State”.

At this point, the pardon proposal alludes to the letter Junqueras posted earlier this month on LaSexta, in which he first admitted that the one-sided route was not working. In this regard, Justice defends that “we must consider positively” this letter, in which the former number two of the Generalitat “recognizes errors and accepts pardon as a partial solution”. “The consideration of the unwanted and impractical unilateral path after having defended it for years indicates a positive evolution of the condemned in his prison treatment”, he adds.

Public utility pardon

The government based the pardon of the jailed separatist politicians on the criterion of public utility, as Pedro Sánchez insisted on Tuesday after the Council of Ministers during which the pardon measure for the nine prisoners of the trial was approved.

In this regard, the files show that, despite the unfavorable reports of the pardon of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Supreme Court, “the Government is due to the defense of general interests” and underlines that the public debate which generated this question “testifies l ‘existence of general interests at stake’, beyond the legal situation of each of the convicted persons.

Justice also evokes “the imperative need to respond, as soon as possible, to the deep social and political crisis which, for too long, has conditioned and eroded social peace and the guarantee of democratic coexistence in Catalonia and, by extension , in all Spain. “” The government wants to normalize the policy in Catalonia and the pardons are a decisive step in this direction “, indicates the letter of the department directed by Juan Carlos Campo.

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