“The government obeys and the opposition cries out”

Updated: Thursday, July 22, 2021 09:49

Published: 07/22/2021 9:47 AM

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, defended in New York that his executive is a guarantee of “stability” and “certainty” for the investments of companies and American funds, since it offers “facts” and a “will. political “, while the opposition” howls “, and also plans to approve new general state budgets this year.

This was stated during an interview with Reuters on the first day of his US tour, in New York, and after meeting over a dozen major US investment groups and banks, and meeting Michael Bloomberg and / or the BlackRock CEO Larry Mouchard.

“I define myself as a politician who obeys. I like the facts and I like to do, and unfortunately the opposition is only screaming,” lamented Sánchez, after being asked about the decline of the PSOE in the polls and the defeat suffered by the party. in the regional elections in Madrid in May.

“We comply, we approve the laws and the reforms and the investments and I think that the Spaniards will appreciate and positively assess what we have done in these difficult years for our history and for human history”, he said. reaffirmed, also claiming management during the pandemic.

“I like the facts and I like to do, and unfortunately the opposition is only screaming”

In this regard, he assured that both the United States and Spain can learn from the pandemic that this type of disaster must be approached “with unity”, in order to provide an “effective” response.

Economic recovery and tax reform

Sánchez also defended that the Spanish economy is one of the fastest growing in the coming months “in the developed world”, also thanks to the legislative reforms and the public funds that the government will receive, under the plan of relaunch. “We will not only reform the system with public investments, but we will change the legislative framework,” he said, referring for example to tax reform, or those relating to the progress of ecological transition and the digitization of the economy. .

Thus, he guaranteed that they would enter a “period of very intense reform”, which transferred the American investors he met. For their part, investment funds and banks were particularly interested in some of the reforms envisaged by the executive and which could affect their interests in Spain, such as the law on housing and the possible limitation of rental prices, the repeal of the labor reform, or the pension reform; issues on which Sánchez transferred peace of mind, according to government sources.

Sánchez also assured investment funds that he had the political stability necessary to promote any necessary reforms, despite a coalition government and minority support in Congress.

“So far, we have been able to carry out all the reforms that we have proposed. We want to continue to collaborate not only with our government partners but also with the Parliament”, he assured, before defending that if last year he had succeeded in carrying out the General Budgets, this year plans to do “the same”. “Stability and certainty are very important for foreign investments,” he said.

Concern for the electricity market

Regarding the proposals, Sánchez placed particular emphasis on those related to ecological transition, and questioned the position of the European Commission concerning the electricity market, understanding that its proposals may be “regressive”, instead of ensure an “inclusive and non-elitist perspective”. . “” It is essential to take into account the most vulnerable, “he said.

Sánchez was also asked about the protests in Cuba and Spain’s position in this regard, although he did not want to go into details and limited himself to pointing out that Spain is a key player in America. Latin America, and that it works to promote the arrival of vaccines in this area.

Blockade to renew the CGPJ

In an informal conversation with the journalists who follow him in this American tour, Sánchez confirmed that he will not recover the reform which sought to change the majorities to renew the General Council of the Magistracy, but asks the head of the PP, Pablo Casado , to think about lifting a blockade which weakens the institutions.

After the new stage which he says opened with the recent cabinet reshuffle, the director general did not specify if he intended to have a conversation with Casado to try to reach an agreement that unlocks the renewal of the governing body of judges.

He limited himself to stressing that it is the parliamentary groups that must unblock the situation in Congress. But he insisted that “clearly who hinders the renewal has names and surnames”, referring to the PP and its leader. Therefore, he hopes that they can reflect and allow the fulfillment of a constitutional mandate.

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