The government recognizes that there are difficult days because of the cold and the ice: “It will cost to find normality”

Publication: Monday, January 11, 2021 2:55 PM

The Government asks to avoid travel in the face of this snow, cold and ice storm, and warns that the situation is still very complicated: “It’s an intense cold wave. Snow will give way to ice, which is just as dangerous. Our commitment is to provide essential goods and maintain facilities. “

Intervention by the Minister of the Interior, Grande-Marlaska, the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, and the Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, who gave a press conference to provide the latest news on the storm. By the way, the People’s Party asked Ábalos to come to Congress to report on his previous and subsequent administration to Filomena.

“It will be difficult to regain normality and I ask to avoid any displacement which is not essential”, said Ábalos, and Marlaska insisted that you must stay at home: “It is necessary to postpone all displacement avoidable, for safety and not to interrupt the work of the operators of the road network “.

They recall that “it is not over. We have difficult days to come. We are on alert, ready and dedicated”, and except in a dozen municipalities with power cuts – he said – the supply of electricity and gas is assured: “The main transport and logistics centers are gradually returning to their normalcy. Access to Mercamadrid has been opened today”.

Madrid, a catastrophic zone?

Regarding Madrid’s request to be declared a catastrophic zone, “we are in this phase of the functioning of public services and we are already starting to take note and assess all the damage that will be requested and in this sense to meet the needs. which manifestly and tragically occur. “

Grande-Marlaska also spoke of coordination and cooperation between communities: “Citizens can be convinced that this is the case”. He stressed that there is a national civil protection system, but “the levels of emergency are the responsibility of the autonomous communities, taking into account the specific circumstances and what the technicians recommend”.

We are already starting to take note and assess all the damage that will beg

“We are experiencing the most adverse weather conditions lately. Despite the gravity of the situation, many communities have already been able to defuse their emergency plans,” said the Minister of the Interior.

Faced with criticism from Díaz Ayuso for not declaring Madrid a catastrophic zone – today he called the government a “manirroto” – Margarita Robles was forceful: “All administrations must work together and not do political reading or partisan. They will always find us working for the citizens who ask us to be united. “It is not acceptable that political use be made, added.

You cannot make political use for partisan purposes, you will find us working for citizens

The Minister of Defense insisted: “The government does not bargain for any effort. The emergency military unit and the army will continue to look to restore this normalcy.” Great caution, great prudence and that citizens have the peace of mind that in a situation like the one we are experiencing on the part of the civil protection services and the army, they will be permanently focused on these needs to access to health centers and mobility can be achieved “” We will continue to work, the necessary reinforcements will come. “

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