The government resumes dialogue with the PP with a 15-minute call between Bolaños and Gamarra

The Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, has started the scheduled round of telephone contacts with the spokespersons of the various parliamentary groups. From the highest to the lowest representation in Congress, the first call was made between the minister and the spokesperson for the popular group, Cuca Gamarra.

A first contact which, according to what LaSexta learned, took place in a cordial and dialogic tone and lasted 15 minutes. In addition, the two agreed to meet in person at the start of the plenary session, already in September.

The call he maintained with the PNV also transcended, equally brief and in which they agreed to hold a face-to-face meeting in September.

The contacts of the Minister of the Presidency will end with the spokespersons of the UP and PSOE groups, Pablo Echenique and Adriana Lastra.

Since Vox they spoke about it, barring the round of contacts like a “media circus”. According to sources from the extremaderecha formation in LaSexta, “they have not responded and will not respond to this call.” And they are placing the “dialogue with this government” at the platform of Congress, from where they will continue to “demand their resignation from the executive and the calling of elections”.

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