The government wants the Pazo de Meirás to become national heritage while the Xunta chooses to manage it

Updated: Wednesday, December 9, 2020 6:34 PM

Published on: 09/12/2020 18:28

The government and the Xunta de Galicia have come together to decide the future of the Pazo de Meirás. At the meeting, which took place in the delegation of the government of La Coruña, the government expressed its intention that the Pazo becomes national heritage, while Feijóo has already indicated this morning that he would like it to go to the Xunta from Galicia.

The president of the Xunta assured this Wednesday that the property of the Pazo de Meirás should be “of the Galicians”. After the meeting of the Council of the Xunta, Feijóo indicated that the declaration of the Galician government on the pazo is “public and notorious for years”, since “the Galicians gave the pazo to General Franco and deserve to take back the property”.

“Galicia has led the recovery of public property”, defended the Galician president, who quoted the commission of experts which prepared a report and the own recommendations of the Xunta, “ratified unanimously in Parliament”.

Tomorrow at 11:00 a.m., the keys to the Pazo de Meirás will be returned, the day it becomes public property 82 years after being handed over to Franco and 45 years after his death.

Even in this case, the pronouncement will be provisional until a final judgment is rendered, when all possible legal remedies have been exhausted. For the moment, the Franco family has already presented one against the decision of the court of first instance before the provincial court of La Coruña.

Despite the fact that the Franks have voluntarily accepted the execution of the sentence, the magistrate warns them that “if they do not deliver on the day and at the time indicated, the goods will be immediately expelled by the same act”. The judgment maintains that this donation is not made to Franco in a personal capacity, as the lawyers of the family have maintained, “but to the head of state”.

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