The Government will create a public network to care for children under 14 and facilitate reconciliation

Publication: Friday, March 5, 2021 6:06 PM

The government will approve next Tuesday in the Council of Ministers the so-called “co-responsible plan”, endowed with 190 million euros this year, to create “bags of professional care” in the autonomous communities and offer families with children under 14 years old home care on time to promote conciliation.

The Secretary of State for Equality, Noelia Vera, on Friday celebrated the imminent approval of the plan, which she described as “a feminist policy of taking charge and reconciling families” with the daughters and sons of this country. age. A measure which, he assures, is “a first step, but decided, towards a system of State care”.

Sources from the Ministry of Equality quoted by the Efe agency stress that the agreement must be ratified at the Sectoral Conference on Equality to be held in April, after negotiations with the autonomous communities in recent months.

Vera argued this Thursday, in an interview with “20 minutes”, that the aforementioned plan included a budget line “which is good, but it is still modest to tackle a structural problem like the care crisis in Spain. “.

“There are 200 million people that we are working with the Autonomous Communities because it will be transferred to them”, he said, stressing that there was already “a first proposal for an agreement” with the Autonomies, therefore the plan would soon reach the Council of Ministers and these “They will be able to execute all this money to be able to promote policies of conciliation”.

The Secretary of State also considered that “it is the first time that the general administration of the State is jointly responsible with the families to guarantee the right to custody of boys and girls under the age of 14”.

Priority to single-parent families or victims of gender-based violence

To distribute these funds among the autonomous regions, the population under 14 years old, the area, the dispersion of the population and the large cities, in addition to the particular characteristics of the islands and of Ceuta and Melilla, will be taken into account. Thus, the community that will receive the most will be Andalusia, with a little over 30 million euros.

The main destination of this budget item will be the creation of the aforementioned “professional care bags”, which will be provided at home for a determined number of hours per week or in public establishments authorized for this purpose, such as schools, health centers. municipal or sports. centers.

The priority will be to serve single-parent families, victims of gender-based violence, the long-term unemployed, women over 45 or family units in which there are other charges related to care. Likewise, to access programs, income level and family responsibilities will be taken into account.

On the other hand, the plan in turn seeks to create quality jobs for young people: technicians in socio-cultural activities, leisure and free time monitors, senior socio-sports animation technicians, child educators or nursery assistants. and kindergarten.

The third objective, to which 10% of the budget will be allocated, will be to set up public mechanisms for the recognition of non-professional care experiences allowing access to care bags, with particular attention to the situation of women over 45 years old. years. .

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