“The government will honor its commitment to try a dialogue solution”

Publication: Friday, January 1, 2021 11:36

Finance Minister and government spokesperson María Jesús Montero stressed that the executive “has always been courageous” in the face of “political conflict” in Catalonia, and confirmed that it wanted to give this situation “a channel dialogue “and” find a consensual solution “, after being asked if the government will finally grant a pardon to the imprisoned Catalan separatists.

“The government will honor its commitment of its investiture agreement to try a solution of dialogue, for a conflict in Catalonia which has lasted too long,” he said, in an interview with Europa Press, after being asked about these possible pardons. , without specifying what will be the government’s decision in this regard.

The minister asked to respect the procedure and not to advance the events on the treatment of these pardons requested for the condemned of the “trials”, because they have not yet arrived at the table of the Council of Ministers, and they continue to be the target of the corresponding reports.

Of course, he added that “once absolute respect for procedure and legality has been confirmed,” the Government “has always been courageous when it comes to asserting that this country must face up to conflicts. and the challenges which, despite pandemics, are still latent “.

Criticizes the PP’s “ostrich policy”

“That at that moment we all put the priority in what we had to put, namely to save lives and to try to prevent the productive fabric from falling, one cannot ignore that we had a situation of political conflict in Spain for longer than we would have liked. Catalonia to which the government wants to offer a channel for dialogue and wants to find a consensual solution, ”he said.

According to Montero, this is the premise that they have “always” transferred “as a compromise” because they consider that “it is not good for problems to arise” or to resort to the “ostrich policy of being hide the head “who, in his opinion, practice the PP and who is responsible for the situation.

“I think that the Catalans deserve to have a scenario of political stability and tranquility and not of permanent tension because some are interested in evolving in this polarization”, he defended.

“The whole of citizenship wants to coexist in peace”

When asked if she thought the majority of Spaniards would understand that pardons were granted to prisoners of independence, Montero insisted that it is not necessary to “anticipate a position” and that “The important thing is that the proceedings continue”.

However, she assured that she was sure that “the aspiration of all Spanish citizens is to coexist in harmony and peace”.

Announces expert committee for tax reform

The Minister of Finance assured that the government wishes to convene at the beginning of 2021 the committee of experts which must analyze the comprehensive tax reform and that it will have a period of one year to approve its conclusions, which should give priority corporate tax.

Montero asserted that the expert committee, of which he already has an idea of ​​who will be able to train it although the members have not yet been consulted, will be configured as a “participatory” process and will be open not only to universities and universities. companies which They are dedicated to the financial field, but also to the tax technicians of the communities and local entities and to any person wishing to raise an idea or a document.

“It is not so much a question of retouching a type up or down, but to see if this tax system is more designed for analog and not so much for the new digital reality”, underlined the minister, who indicated that the question for the future should be whether it is brought from the tax office of the companies or where the consumption takes place.

Montero rightly recalled that the performance of certain taxes, such as corporate tax, should be a “priority” in the analysis made by the committee of experts, which throughout 2021 should give “to the minus “the first conclusions of the highest priority budget figures so that they can be incorporated into the 2022 budgets.

Others, he added, are directly “obsolete” and do not meet their usefulness, while on the contrary, there are deductions which “are missing” for, for example, building a greener planet or promote digitization. “You have to study it, it’s a good job,” he says.

The tax harmonization of inheritance and gift taxes is another of the issues that will be analyzed in the context of the tax reform. Montero said in this regard that “it is no coincidence” that the tax figures most linked to wealth have been called into question the most in recent years, which he attributed to “interested campaigns” which use “lies” and “simplistic questions”, such as who gets paid twice for the same taxable event, which the current legal system does not allow.

“It makes no sense that in a territory like Spain there are such obvious tax differences (…). This balance which has always existed was upset when an autonomous community made the fiscal figure practically nil, it remained in such a testimonial way that it caused that the communities, having less collection capacity, are obliged to ‘dramatically increase the tax burden to have the same collection,’ he said.

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