The government will not back down on Bildu’s support for budgets because the accounts “are a priority”

The government is not backing down and will continue with the support of EH Bildu for general state budgets. As socialist sources told LaSexta, the accounts are “priority” and, although they recognize that “it will be very difficult”, they hope to obtain abstention from the citizens.

The position of the coalition executive remains the same. The objective is to achieve the budgets with the support of the parties which voted in favor of the nomination, although they maintain the negotiations with the orange formation and ask that there be no vetoes between these formations.

In this regard, Inés Arrimadas urged Pedro Sánchez to “pave the way towards moderation or towards radicalism”. He believes that the president must choose between the orange formation “to correct the economic aspects and stop giving in to blackmail” or “the support of EH Bildu and Esquerra Republicana”. This is what he said in “La Hora de La 1”.

Citizens urge Sánchez to choose between his support or that of Bildu and ERC

Regarding the criticisms that the government has received from the autonomous leaders of the PSOE, from Ferraz they recognize that the position of Guillermo Fernández Vara “hurts a lot” because “it is a moral reference of the party among the presidents”.

And is that the president of the Junta de Extremadura stressed that the agreement with Bildu was “very painful” and “the memory of the victims of ETA does not deserve to be relevant in our lives. It is a collective failure “. “What I never imagined is that the Spanish policy due to the refusal to conclude agreements would make them important,” he added.

Harder was Emiliano García-Page, president of Castilla-La Mancha, who assured that “Podemos is setting the agenda of the PSOE” and that “Bildu does not have a pass because he does not is not in a process of normalization nor did a process of reconciliation “.

For his part, the Minister of the Interior denied that there had been any assignments or approaches by ETA prisoners to receive Bildu’s support for the budgets. “We are in a rule of law, which has defeated ETA and continues to enforce the law on individual prisons. We have been doing so for two and a half years.”

Interior denies ETA prisoners were assigned or approached to receive support from Bildu

Speaking to “ Espejo Público ”, the Minister of the Interior insists on the importance of this year’s accounts due to the coronavirus pandemic. “These are extraordinary and necessary budgets”, which must be approved “urgently to receive funds from the European Union”, he added in this regard.

“Why not talk more about the content of budgets throughout Parliament? Why not look at who has not supported their treatment? What citizens are asking is to think about the future of our country, to talk about social and territorial cohesion and that the EU funds are executed ”, condemned.

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