The government will prioritize the Autonomous Communities that have vaccinated the most in the distribution of new doses given the reduction in shipments from Pfizer

Publication: Saturday January 16, 2021 00:00

The Ministry of Health has notified the Autonomous Communities of a last-minute change regarding the distribution of new doses of the coronavirus vaccine which were due to arrive in Spain in the coming days due to a decrease in Pfizer production. “The company justified this reduction by making changes to its facilities,” they stressed in a statement to the ministries.

Spain will thus ultimately receive 56% of the planned doses (“67% if six doses per bottle are taken into account”). And for this reason, as detailed by Health, the ministry indicated that it would proceed with a distribution which will meet “fair criteria” and which will take into account “the vaccination rate of the first week”.

In other words, the territories where the most vaccinations were carried out during the first ones will have priority. As they added in the information note, the objective is that “all the Communities have sufficient doses to, at least, administer the second doses to those vaccinated during the first week”.

Regarding the issues Pfizer presented with this new distribution of doses – and which not only Spain suffered, but the rest of the EU member states as well – Health explained that the company forwarded to them that this reduction “will be one-off and will only affect shipments corresponding to the week of January 18”.

In this sense, and as indicated in the note addressed to the communities, before mid-February “there will be deliveries greater than those established until the reduction that will take place next week is compensated”. In this way, Health was resolved, all the Communities will see “the amounts that correspond to them returned before that date”.

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