The government’s immunization plan establishes three priority groups and three phases to immunize


Posted: Tuesday, November 24, 2020 1:48 PM

The Council of Ministers approved the coronavirus vaccination plan for Spain on Tuesday. An 18-page strategy to which laSexta had access before its announcement at a press conference and which sets a priority objective: to reduce mortality.

The executive plan also envisages three priority groups which will be vaccinated first: the elderly in residence and the disabled in social and health centers; frontline health workers; and third, dependents.

In addition, vaccination will take place in three phases, as envisaged by the government plan: a first in which these priority groups will be vaccinated, a second in which doses will be administered to a greater number of the population and finally a third in which more vaccine doses are expected.

The vaccination strategy will be coordinated within the Interterritorial Health Council when the number of available doses is known. Additionally, the document approved today says the vaccine will be free and a message of comfort to citizens: The government says the vaccine will be just as safe as any of those already used to fight other diseases. .

Likewise, “effective” and “equitable” access to the vaccine is guaranteed, always in compliance with ethical criteria.

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