The great value of business school students

One of the most common career opportunities for business school students is business consulting. Businesses need professionals and other businesses dedicated to business analysis and solving management problems through the implementation of new systems. This need leads to a high demand for talent trained to solve these problems. However, training the best talent goes through practice, which is why TBS Business School has held its SESAME program on the Barcelona campus for 18 years, in which various companies have put themselves in the hands of the students so that they can analyze and provide solutions to their problems. The consultations companies present range from opening up new business models to financial strategy, export programs and other needs they may have.

According to professor TBS Business School and tutor of the SESAME program Sbastien Bauer, the companies participating in the program find themselves, in the first place, with the capacity to find data and references “multiplied by thirty brains”, because in just two weeks , all students must read a large number of reports and articles. Secondly, with analytical skills, rigor and objectivity, and finally, open-mindedness and a fresh and different outlook.

The SESAME program is aimed at second-year Masters in Management students – one of the top 70 in Europe, according to the Financial Times – who then become a board for real companies for two weeks, where they deal with real cases and must deliver with the right solution for each client.

In fact, during these 18 years, SESAME can boast a history of very positive experiences, both for students – who can work with real cases – and for companies. Participating in this edition of SESAME AllRead, a start-up which has developed software for image processing and augmented reality reading for the logistics sector, and MateLab, the leading portal in Europe for comparison and sale of mattresses .

At SESAME, it is not only the students who learn, but also the managers of the companies, besides finding a plausible solution to their business problem, they have a satisfying experience. According to Adrian Laandman, COO and co-founder of AllRead: “The company is growing, and at a crucial time with important decisions that can define its future. Sbastien Bauer encouraged us to participate in the SESAME program, which has the dedication and skills of students who have been trained to be current consultants and bring new strategic perspectives ”.

Some of the companies that have trusted students enrolled in the SESAME program at TBS Business School Barcelona are Everis, Re-Read, Festo, Grupo Atlantic, Hebron, Mango, Mars Petfood, Nutrition & Sant, Rockwell & Collins, Royal Caribbean, Sellbytel, Thals, Stria, Serunion, Mailify, Yasuni, Caseable, The Brand Company, Pimpampost, Siel Bleu or Polyglot Group, among others.

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