The Grupo SIFU Foundation strengthens its free online training platform

The Grupo SIFU Foundation, a non-profit organization whose objective is the social and professional integration of people with disabilities and with particular integration difficulties, has been promoting, since its creation in 2006, inclusive training to improve employability. of the most vulnerable people. The pandemic has been a blow to the disability community by slowing the trend marked by 10 years of positive growth in job creation. For this reason, Fundacin Grupo SIFU has launched a free online training platform specially designed for people with functional diversity. Almost a year after its launch, Fundacin Grupo SIFU certifies the good reception it has received, both for the number of people registered, and for the interest aroused thanks to the theme of the courses launched, and that is why it is working already to strengthen its tele-training offer.

Almost 500 people with disabilities from all over Spain have so far benefited from the training courses, which is why Fundacin Grupo SIFU, in coordination with the support units for professional activities, is already developing two new professional training programs that will be implemented soon.

The courses on the online training platform Fundacin Grupo SIFU are teaching programs based on an interactive methodology specially designed to be accessible to all people with physical, mental or sensory disabilities; therefore, they include sign language videos, captions, audio and their contents are suitable for easy reading.

Currently, the offer of the SIFU Group Foundation’s accessible online training platform consists of the course “Social skills and aptitudes in the workplace”, “Elimination of the digital divide” and the training course “Basic professional cleaning” , to which will soon be added the course “Access control and concierge” and the course “Professional gardener”.

Regarding the profile of the beneficiaries of the platform, 52% of the students are women and it is relevant to note that 36% of the students trained so far belong to the group considered difficult to integrate, people with disabilities of a degree higher than 65%. or people with intellectual disabilities or mental illness.

In addition, the Grupo SIFU Foundation, in collaboration with the support techniques of the Special Employment Center of Grupo SIFU, offers the “1×1” program which makes special training programs available to local entities and associations in all areas. Spain for its users or associates, with the aim of improving your employability, in an online format accessible from anywhere.

The accessible online training platform has joined other projects of the SIFU Group Foundation, such as the SuperArte scholarships, projects focused on improving the professional skills of people with disabilities and / or at risk of social exclusion and promoting their professional integration. and the development of A. professional career.

According to Cristian Rovira, vice-president of the Grupo SIFU Foundation, “to increase the professional skills of people with disabilities or in particular difficulty of integration, it is to provide them with tools for the development of their professional career. The accessible online training platform has allowed us to continue to work towards this goal in the most complicated moments of the pandemic and the success it is experiencing prompts us to strengthen it so that it continues to grow and improve. employability of one of the most vulnerable groups. . “

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