the hashtag that thousands of people share their experience with after Errejón’s speech on mental health

Publication: Thursday, March 18, 2021 08:58

During the government check-up yesterday, March 17, a deputy from the Popular Party contemptuously shouted at Más País leader Íñigo Errejón to go see the doctor while he gave a speech denouncing the grave situation. experienced by the Spanish population in mental health.

Quickly, from the hemicycle itself, various deputies of the Lower House have already shown their rejection of this comment, but the complaint has transcended the doors of Congress. In the past few hours, the hashtag # YoTiénVoyAlMédico has gone viral on the social network Twitter, in which thousands of anonymous, celebrities and politicians have championed the importance of mental health and even encouraged each other to share their experiences. .

In fact, Íñigo Errejón was one of the first to open the box on this issue in his account, describing the stories of various anonymous people, such as Carlos, Carmen, María, Catalina, Alejandro or other victims of this scourge. .

“Today, following a speech in Congress on mental health, I received hundreds of messages from people telling their stories. I gave data, but here are people,” said the leader. from Más País:

The messages came from all fields. For example, director Javier Giner wrote: “If anything saved my life (and yes, it’s also extreme, because mental health can be just as dangerous as it is physical), it was psychological therapy and , for a long time, psychiatric. therapy cannot be a luxury or a stigma. I go there every week. “

Also from the world of journalism, where laSexta presenter Mamen Mendizabal remembers how essential going to a psychologist was in overcoming some of the most difficult difficulties of his life: “I also go to the doctor, and that to me. has improved a lot. A psychologist helped me mourn the death of my mother. This apprenticeship, which in my case lasted 3 years, was one of the best things I have done. Seeking help is not easy, but it is very good, ”he emphasizes.

This idea has been shared by politicians from different points of the ideological spectrum, such as so far Ciudadanos MP Toni Cantó, who said: “When it comes to mental health, there is still a lot to be done. No more stigma. or shame. ” Added to this is the popular Andrea Levy, who rejected the attitude of the comrade who shouted at Errejón: “We have to talk about it. I’m sure it helps a lot of people to make it visible and normalize it. In a to a certain extent, I freed myself by doing so. Hopefully this country is at the center of the discussions in which we are all “.

The experience of thousands of people

However, beyond how some personalities got knocked down, the importance of this hashtag resided in the showcase it represented for many ordinary citizens, who described their experiences with mental health in their daily lives. .

For example, Lidia, who writes: “Anxiety and panic attacks. Seven years in therapy to channel and control the dragons in my head. And one of us lives in all of us. The loving work of psychologists is never quite appreciated. I also go to the doctor. “

Julio, meanwhile, remembers how he got lost because of the duels he experienced in one of the worst moments of his life: “The deep mourning of my grandmother was accompanied of the most toxic end of the relationship you can imagine. “smart you are …” they said. I lost 10 kg and the course. EMDR and Belén, my psychologist, gave me incredible summer and bomb-proof mental muscle, ”he writes.

Or Andrea, who like Mendizábal, Errejón or Levy has already done, insists on the good it did him to go to a psychologist: “Ten months have passed since that day when my mother, after listening to me , told me I had to go to the psychologist. Ten months of non-stop therapy. Best thing I’ve ever done, “he recalls.

And to these many other experiences have been added which could be endless. In an issue which, as demonstrated in this Wednesday’s session, continues to be one of the main issues in society today, and more so in the era of COVID-19.

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