The Havas Group launches a social campaign in favor of equality

Companies join “ Women’s Day ”: Havas group launches social campaign in favor of equality

Social noise around the word “feminism” is down 35% in 2020 compared to 2019, and social conversation on “Woman’s Day” by almost 60%, according to data from a social listening analysis by Havas Group.

The impact of the pandemic on women is enormous: family and domestic overload, concentration of the workforce in front-line response sectors (health, services, care and education), increase in gender-based violence and rate of impact on the mental health of women (depression, anxiety or hopelessness) who continue to grow.

At Havas Group, they consider that “we cannot take this present into the future”. For this reason, they are launching the #WomensDayIsAlwaysToday initiative, where they remember that equality must be a goal every day in building a more equal and better future.

Since yesterday March 1 and throughout the week we will see on social networks, and through photographs of women who work in the different agencies of the Havas Group, how they claim every day their right to take into account the point of view of women. Through their eyes, they remind us that it must be so, not only on March 8, but every day of the year.

It is an action with a call for participation. From the company, they seek to generate and amplify that social visibility that equality needs, by inviting all people to join through the use of an Instagram filter that will change from day to day, so that every day is women’s day.

The company integrates this initiative for equality within Havas Impact +, in its People space, its recently launched global brand which integrates all CSR actions in order to promote positive change in society. “We have the reconstruction of the world in front of us and for that we need the point of view of women in an equal way with maximum social support”, explains Enrique Escalante, head of people at Havas Group Spain.

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